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BREAKING: James Gunn Will Write and Direct a GUARDIANS Sequel

BREAKING: James Gunn Will Write and Direct a GUARDIANS Sequel

The movie isn’t even out yet, but the buzz has been so good for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy that the red-hued comic book and movie company has given writer-director James Gunn the opportunity to take another jaunt to the farthest reaches of space, Variety reports.

Sequels are always expected with big franchise movies like this, and certainly within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s now official that the auteur, whose other films include Slither and Super, will go back for round two. It is unclear at the moment if the first film’s co-writer Nicole Perlman will also be returning.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a bit of a departure for the MCU which has generally focused on famous or known hero characters and only leaving earth for the Thor films. Its success is contingent on whether people accept the space opera aesthetic and quirky, badass characters. If the early word is any indication, they certainly have. Get ready for more Groot, everyone. Always more Groot.

To see Dan Casey and Brian Walton’s first reactions to Guardians of the Galaxy, click here. The film hits cinemas Friday, August 1st.

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