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Braavos Has Joined the GAME OF THRONES: Take a Look and Learn About the New City

Braavos Has Joined the GAME OF THRONES: Take a Look and Learn About the New City

So, the Game of Thrones universe has expanded yet again, charging across the Narrow Sea and into the Free Cities and bringing us smack dab into the heart of Braavos. So what’s the deal with this city and why is it important enough to merit a place in the opening credits, as we saw this past Sunday during “The Laws of Gods and Men“? Allow us to hop on in and set it straight for you.

It’s not the first time Braavos has been mentioned on the series — nor is it the first time we’ve met a Braavosi sort. Back in Season 1 we encountered the first of the city’s sons. Namely: Syrio Forel, Arya’s tutor in the art of swordplay. Another man who called Braavos home? Jaqen H’ghar, that face-changing assassin/criminal Arya encountered during her attempt to head North back in Season 2. And now, of course, we have Tycho Nestoris, one of the heads of the incredibly ominous Iron Bank. Which is exactly why a coin is heavily featured in the series’ fun-and-funky opening credits sequence. Their money is IMPORTANT! Just take a look at this neat GIFset created by Tumblr user Ilana Wexler:




Pretty nifty, right?

Located on the northeastern tip of the continent of Essos (remember: there are 3 in The Realm’s known world: Westeros, Essos, and Sothoryos), Braavos is hardly the first time we’ve been to Essos. It is currently, however, the richest and most notable of all the cities of Essos. For context, Slaver’s Bay — where Dany is currently roosting — is far to the southeast of Braavos, on the opposite side of the continent. It’s also home to the Valyrian Freehold, the old roost of the dragon lords, in addition to Qarth and the Dothraki Sea (that expansive plain Dany and Khal Drogo traversed across many moons ago). So, you know, if you’re playing in the fantasy fantasy league, you’ve likely benefitted from a kill or two there.

So welcome to Braavos, my fellow Throniacs (is that a thing fans of Game of Thrones call themselves? Yikes, I hope not. Also, sorry). What else would you like to see of the city and its continent? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Jesper says:

    The Iron Bank isn’t the only reason a coin features prominently in the Braavosi credits sequence….Valar Morghulis

  2. Nerd says:

    Northwestern Tip of Essos.