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Bowling Tech

Yes, I wrote an article about bowling technology for WIRED. You can see the web version here or purchase the November issue of the magazine. Say, why not do both? You’re a mover and a shaker with disposable income despite the current economy.


  1. Lisa says:

    Excellent article!! My dad was a pin-setter back in the day; I spent every Saturday of my youth bowling on one league or another. The hi-tech lanes today make me sad. And bowling on the Captain Kangaroo show?!? VERY hot!

  2. Randbot says:

    I just saw your article today as I was leafing through the new Wired! Congrats!

  3. chrisallen says:

    Ball. Pin. Throw…. What tech?!@#!@ haha.

    and they should have named you “Schenkel Hardwick.” Now THAT would have been a name…