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Bonus Clips: Hardwick On Bombing ‘n’ Hobbits

Here’s a bonus clip from backstage at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in which Chris Hardwick talks about “The Worst I Ever Bombed.” It’s that early stand-up attempt in lovely Irvine, CA that did not go well, with family in attendance, no less.

And here’s another funny clip from the season debut of The Nerdist on BBC America, and it has Chris, Jonah, and Matt talking to Dominic Monaghan on hobbit confusion, which only gets everyone — well, Chris, at least — more confused:

You should also watch The Nerdist on Saturday night, 10/9c on BBC America, following Doctor Who and the new show Orphan Black. Have we said that enough? Because you should watch ’em all. (And in Canada, look for The Nerdist on Space, Sunday night, 7/6c/4p)