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Bob Seger To Get Comedy & Music Tribute, A NIGHT OF 1000 BOB SEGERS

Bob Seger To Get Comedy & Music Tribute, A NIGHT OF 1000 BOB SEGERS

A voice inseparable from the history of classic American rock n’ roll is none other than the one belonging to Bob Seger. “Like A Rock”, “Night Moves”, “Against The Wind”, and more have permeated so deeply into the American subconscious that the images of stars and stripes blowing in the wind seem perfectly complimented by the Seger’s unmistakable raspy voice and timeless chords. That’s why J.D. Ryznar, creator of the Yacht Rock web series, and producer David B. Lyons will be putting together a “backyard musical” tribute featuring comedians playing different versions of Bob Seger.

This night is being perfectly called A Night of 1000 Bob Segers.

As Ryznar explains, the “backyard musical” is “half jukebox musical a la ‘Rock of Ages’, half tribute band performance”. Comedians including Matt Braunger, Kyle Kinane, Tim Heidecker, Mike Burns, Jeff B. Davis, John Konesky, and Hunter Stair will portray a different Bob Seger on stage. It should be no surprise to you to know that many, if not all of them, have referenced Bob Seger in jokes on stage a number of times. The live band portion of the show appropriately belongs to a band by the name of Jason Makiaris and The Bobsegers.

Together, they will be doing one hell of a fun, inspired tribute to Seger. Ryznar says, “The point isn’t to tell Bob Seger’s life story, it’s to show what we wish was Bob Seger’s life story. What’s the version of Bob Seger’s life that can make his badass songs even more badass?”

A Night of 1000 Bob Segers will go down on Saturday, June 28th at The Satellite LA and tickets are now on sale. Undoubtedly, this will be an evening that will be much better than whatever night that Seger sang about in “Hollywood Nights”.