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Blumhouse’s Long Awaited JESSABELLE Premieres First Trailer

Blumhouse’s Long Awaited JESSABELLE Premieres First Trailer

The first trailer for director Kevin Greutert’s latest horror film Jessabelle has made its way online, and it looks pretty creepy….

Set in the American south, Jessabelle is the story of a girl who survives an accident and moves in with her father to recuperate. While there, she appears to connect with her mother beyond the grave. And, of course, scary happenings ensue.

Something interesting to note is that Jessabelle is the long awaited horror film written by Robert Ben Garant of Reno 911! fame. He and his writing partner Thomas Lennon are known for having penned huge family friendly Hollywood blockbusters like the Night at the Museum movies and The Pacifier. Garant wrote Jessabelle without Lennon, and the movie has positive early buzz.

While this may have been Garant’s first foray into horror, it won’t be his last. Garant has The Veil, also being produced by Blumhouse, in production now, starring Jessica Alba, Lily Rabe and Thomas Jane. The Veil is expected to be released in 2015.

Have a look at the trailer for Jessabelle below. The movie will open in theaters on August 29, 2014.


  1. beelzabust says:

    All of these movies look that same, the same kind of jump scares, the same feel, the same ignorance of the occult and nature, the same crap. There’s no more art and creativity in horror movies. It’s all one-dimensional, CW-esque garbage for dumb college kids. Where are the Clive Barkers? The Dave Cronenburgs? Dumb people shouldn’t get all the movies for them. There’s room for all of us, dammit!