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Blood, Bones, and Biology: GODZILLA Meets Science

300-feet tall with a deafening roar and feet the size of whales, the new Godzilla is one enormous beast. In fact, it’s one of the largest on-screen kaiju of all time. But no need to fear: no animal on Earth ever gets Godzilla-sized, and for good reason.

In this Nerdist Special Report, I dig into the biology of Godzilla — its blood pressure, its bones, its reaction time — to see just how monstrous The King of the Monsters would really have to be.

Kyle Hill is the Chief Science Officer of the Nerdist enterprise. Follow the nerdery on Twitter @Sci_Phile.


  1. Darklurkr23 says:

    O yea? Well what about MECHA GODZILLA

  2. Mike Chavez says:

    3:09 of my life gone. Who cares its a movie. 

  3. Meh, left out evolution.  I don’t believe we’ll ever see a creature so large, but don’t count out evolution, it’s always shocking people…Nature, it finds a way…haha

    • Kyle Hill says:

      Nature doesn’t always find a way. The majority of creatures that have ever lived have been wiped out by an indifferent universe. Jeff Goldblum is wrong!

  4. Wolris says:

    This is a good description of why she can’t exist, but how about a description of what would be needed to make her exist? I’d like to know more about what her bones, nervous system, and bloodlines would need to be made of in order for Gojira to actually be seen by Bryan Cranston.

  5. Sir_Alx says:

    what?!! noooooo devastated right now that gojira cannot exist. wait… not everything is lost. We still have the zombies. because they CAN exist. right? right?! D: