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Blizzard to Memorialize Robin Williams in WORLD OF WARCRAFT

Blizzard to Memorialize Robin Williams in WORLD OF WARCRAFT

It’s a bit tough for me to even grasp the words of Robin Williams’ passing, and I’m sure many are still reeling from the same disbelief. But there’s comfort in knowing that his legacy will continue not only through dear family members, friends, and fans, but alsoin the realm of World of Warcraft‘s Azeroth.

Williams was an avid gamer and even went so far as to name his children after video game characters (Zelda from The Legend of Zelda and Cody from Final Fight). He was an icon to gamers, a mere sliver of his legions of fans, and thanks to a petition started by a fan of both Williams and Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, the actor-comedian will live on in the MMO.

Blizzard began to ponder the idea independently before the initiative was further urged after a petition was started by Texas native Jacob Holgate who humbly pleaded with Blizzard to memorialize the late comedian and gamer. After garnering more than 10,000 signatures, Blizzard was quick to respond with the tweet seen below:

There are no details as of yet to how Mr. Williams will be honored in-game, but it’s comforting to know that he will be remembered and honored through a medium in which he held dear to his heart.

He will truly be missed, but never forgotten.

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  1. Margarita says:

    Q descanses en paz Robin Williams

  2. Andrew says:

    who cares, he commited suicide , he took the cowards way out…

    • Daniel Aguilar says:

      he had Parkinson’s  disease, do your homework before you say something like that you ass. 

    • Psychokiwi says:

      he also suffered from major depression, which you obviously haven’t had the misfortune to experience, or you wouldn’t say that.

  3. Matt says:

    that’s the way blizzard. immortalise him in your dying mmo

  4. If Disney would be gracious enough to forgive the licensing (or even license it to WoW) it would be EPIC if The Genie from Aladdin came to Azeroth! That would be amazing. Afterall, once the Genie was freed by Aladdin he could do whatever and go wherever he wanted.

    • LadyK says:

      He actually played as a Troll in the World of Warcraft game. So it’s most likely they’ll take one of his characters and place him as an NPC in one of the Taverns.
      I believe he also stood around and asked people for low grade items for likewise low grade items just for the lolz.

      In either case, the idea that he’ll be put into the game at all in memory of him is amazing enough.

  5. Steve says:

    I am certain that whatever action Blizzard takes it will be powerful and appropriate much like the memorial to Koiter in the Barrens.

  6. Thatguy says:

    Please let him be an npc that drops a belt named “robin’s necktie.”

  7. Nathan says:

    I think they should do something similar to the mantid area. We’re you get a buff and someone helps you out. But for each zone or part of the quest area, it’s a different one of the many characters. Peter Pan fights with a sword. Juminju brings in animal haha patch Adams heal bots you, miss doubt fire gives you a wardrobe change and it makes you invisible to others, You get the genie from Aladdin and you get to rub the lamp and choose 3 different special buffs or powers… Just a random thought haha. 

    • Steve says:

      Love that idea, sadly most of those characters are owned by other companies as IP’s and there would be so much red tape just to Free Up the Genie idea. Disney are hard asses when it comes to sharing IPs.

  8. Leland Ford says:

    Would have been great to see him in a “What’s your game?” commercial

  9. papatale says:

    I am an ADD adult and have always connected with Robin’s comedy. I am not surprised to find out he played WOW, many bouncy people do. It’s just another good way to remember an awesome talent. I just hope he knew who the good guys were. For the Horde!!

  10. This will be a travesty because they did not give the same honor to Michael Jackson who also LOVED video games and was much more of a WORLD ICON than this schmo!

    • David McGee says:

      Michael Jackson was in no way a bigger icon than Robin Williams.  Also, remember that Robin Williams was never accused of, nor did he ever pay anyone off due to heinous acts.

    • Pythia says:

      He was a schmo? You ill educated creep Willams did more things and was around longer without as much scandals then Meacheal I’m sure Meacheal would have been honored too if he really made a difference but when his Deamons stared him in the face he ran like a coward instead of facing them head held high with digenity and respect for himself. 

    • Alice says:

      Okay fuck you. Michael jackson was a fucking child rapist.Whereas robin Williams brought joy to the world with every movie he ever made. 

    • ImIsStranger says:

      That man is a national treasure sir. MJ was a pederast. 

    • mrkrabs007 says:

      michael jackso was a pedophile and a weird o. he does not even come c lose to robin williams

    • Keri says:

      When I played WOW back in 2007 I heard that Robin Williams was playing…this just confirms it. I’ve never heard that Michael Jackson played WOW….so why would they honor someone who did not play their game?

  11. They should make a questline for him.
    -Starts off as a comedian in a tavern.
    -Gives you a bunch of hard riddled quests.
    -Around the end of the quest line he dies, but leaves you a lamp (trinket BoA) as a last reward.
    -When you use it, he comes out as a genie, and helps you (whatever spec you’re in).
    -Only usable in PVE.

  12. kÏara says:

    bande d innocent ses surment ses dernier volonté et vous les respecter pas

  13. Cathy says:

    Never pictured him as a World of Warcraft Gamer. That is very shocking,  but there might be other things that we don’t know about him. That will maybe come out sooner or later.

    • Zhaliberty says:

      You don’t know much about WOW do you?  Every kind of person plays WOW.  That’s the success of the game.

    • Jessica says:

      He was also into a number of other video games, pencil and paper RPGs, Warhammer, etc.  He was a wonderful nerd, and we loved having him among us. :)

    • Derp says:

      We don’t know if he played WoW, just that he was a gamer as the article relates.

      • Hhhh says:

        He did play wow he was an avid raider and pvper look up online I can’t  remember his server but he stated many timge he loved playing wow

        • Amber says:

          On mannoroth, are you serious? That was my home for years…always did 3s with Madlib and Dusknoir. The really sad thing is, I was streaming on twitch when I found out about his death via viewers spamming it in my chat. I instantly thought it was a troll, similar to the troll that was famous on Mannoroth “Will Smith died, it’s on CNN. Died in a car crash with Dwayne Johnson”. I didn’t believe it even after they linked it to me on huffpost. Oh how I wish it were only another Mannoroth troll…

  14. I heard it suggested that Blizz add a Jumanji based quest line in Stranglethorn. Personally, I think that’s genius.

  15. stunseed says:

    its actually been stated that robin williams NPC is supposed to be in world end tavern telling jokes

  16. toosoon? says:

    When you use /joke on Robin Williams he will use Ra’sha’s Sacrificial Dagger and be on a 30 minute rez timer.

  17. Will Lambert says:

    Imagine if he had a Potion of Illusion or some sort on a table, drinks it and appears like and performs some of his amazing characters.

  18. Juliana Baer says:

    Here is my husband’s idea for Robin in WoW. He could be a goblin type and yell out Gooooooooooooooood Morning Azeroth–then go on with hourly jokes : ) I for one can’t wait to see where they add him–give um hell Robin : )

  19. SpazzticAunt says:

    “He” will be “performing” shows in Worlds End Tavern in Shattrath.

  20. I have mixed feelings about this, I play games to be immersed in the fantasy world, but if they start adding RL elements to it then where does it all end? I am aware that Blizzard has added pop culture reference to their games before but this seems a bit much, I don’t wanna be reminded of RL when I am in Azeroth

    • Joseph Grunewald says:

      Do you pay any attention to the story line? They put lots of things in World of Warcraft that come straight from RL. Like Nessingwary.

      • Argentlupus says:

        Heck.. Nessinwary is only the tip of those who have moved on ahead. You have the Shrine to the Fallen Warrior in the Barrens (who was someone who worked on the game, he died and they put that in), then there is Ahab Wheathoof in Mulgore (young man who died of cancer a little while after taking a tour of Blizzard thanks to Make-a-Wish). I bet you can find a GREAT deal of things if you look hard enough.

        • M Putvin says:

          Hades, I remember Nesingwary’s Expeditions in Stranglethorn back in 2007-08 when I was first playing. This telled me the thread OP does not pay attention to the game elements or SL. I have caught a lot of references include Douglas Adams…

    • Rebecca says:

      There is a shrine in Jade Forest dedicated to a young player who died of cancer…the Make a Wish Foundation granted his wish of going to Blizzard HQ. Plus, not to be forgotten, characters like Harris Pilton, the 2 robots in Blade’s Edge reminiscent of R2-D2 and C-3PO, the Hayden Christensen (sp?) clone, as mentioned below Hemet Nesingwary (Ernest Hemingway), and so many others I can’t even begin to name. Really…do you actually pay attention to the game?

    • MrsSwordman5k2u says:

      And don’t forget the red shirt guy.

    • Spazzticaunt says:

      Ariel it is being done at the request of his fans. There was a petition done to get them to do this. It’s not something they thought of. It’s something his fans asked for. Blizz is just accommodating Robin’s fans. I see nothing wrong with it.

    • Juliana Baer says:

      I for one don’t necessarily pay attention to every word of a story line in WoW. I do like the play on words,vendors,events, or other RL items. If u don’t like it, simply avoid that very small portion of Azeroth, vendor, or item they choose as Robin’s spot. Remember NO ONE is forcing u to take part in that very small fraction.

    • Rummycaek says:

      There are other real life people immortalized in WoW, they’re just not terribly noticeable because a lot of times Blizzard uses people’s in game names.  They could always use Robin’s main character’s name, and only those who want to know actually will.

    • wow says:

      wow dude. get the fuck over yourself.

    • Faluzure says:

      You do realize everything in a fucking game is taken from real life whether it be mythology based or current events with name changes or an idea that popped in to a designers head while he was taking a big’ol real life shit? Did you assume this shit was here before we existed? I bet you’re queuing as a healer while rolling Ret.

    • faceplam says:

      World of Warcraft already have rl elements in it from players of wow head, youtube even red shirt guy. Including several kids from make a wish foundation. If you don’t think there rl people in wow you obviously don’t play much.

    • Robert says:

      There are RL memorials all over azeroth and have been for years, google it 

    • Somebroguy says:

      Yeah but if they throw an NPC in there it’s not really going to affect your fantasy experience. You may not even run into it ever in your travels. 
      It’s not like they’re making a new raid and making it a World War II simulator. 

    • Pallydawn says:

      Where do you think Pinkus Floyd came from in Thrallmar for example? There is RL elements all over the game. 

    • Hector says:

      ummm Chuck Norris??!!

    • Luaxana says:

      Exactly who do you think they named Haris Pilton for? She is in the tavern in Shattrath selling unusually expensive bags, lol

    • Wolfie says:

      there is a quest line in Stormwind for a little girl’s memorial who passed from cancer and several other memorials all thru out the game, ever wondered about those headstones in the middle of nowhere?, where ya been?

    • iram says:

      They’ve added RL stuff already. Starting quest for taurens there’s a boy who lost his dog and you have to find it. It was added as a wish for a little boy that died shortly after recording the dialogue.

    • Jenni says:

      Don’t forget about Mr. T the night elf Mohawk! lol

    • J.JS. says:

      Dude do you ever read any of the quests? They have added hundreds of real life things to WoW. Ashes of Al’ar the phoenix mount was given to a kid who had cancer and went to blizz studios. he got the very first mount. When he passed theres a really cool quest about him.

  21. I will start looking for a William Robinson.  I will look everywhere.

  22. Kairu, Dalaran says:

    He is suppose to be in a tavern in the Caverns of Time, telling jokes.  So perfect, and so sweet <3

    • I wish says:

      Its all just rumors but its been asked to be the worlds end tavern in Shatterath there is no tavern in the caverns of time.

      • Philae says:

        There is the tavern in the Escape from Durnehold BC dungeon in Caverns of Time.  If you go in, there are main characters talking about different events happening that are in the story arch of LK.

      • Plaguewalker says:

        The Tavern of Time is in the Caverns of Time. Look it up, pleb.

  23. E.H. Witt says:

    This was in the works before the petition was started. Please give credit where it is due. 

    • Jenn says:

      Unless a dev has confirmed that, there’s no way of knowing it was in the works, as you say, before the petition was started. I saw the tweet of Dakirokos asking several blues if they’d seen the petition with Celestalon responding, “Yes. We’re taking care of it.”. When I personally signed the petition, it was at under 2700 sigs and no word from Blizzard about it at that time. When it passed the 4k mark, the tweet I relayed above was out and contrary to the article stating Blizzard’s response to see Mr Williams in game was after 10k, it was actually just past 6000. Semantics, I know, but both Robin Williams and WoW were and are close to my heart for my personal reasons and I just wanted to set the record straight.

  24. Kevie says:

    I never knew he was a gamer.  So much more awesome than I had thought.

    • Matt says:

      His daughter is named Zelda. 

      • James says:

        Zelda was a name long before video games existed.

      • Shannon says:

        Actually I was watching Oprah the other day she replayed all of the interviews she did with him and he said on one of them that his son named his daughter Zelda but yes it was after the video game. I do think it is cool though and it is great he loved WoW. He will be missed. RIP Robin.

  25. cynthia white says:

    This is great news I am a WoW fanatic and loved Robin Williams 

  26. Phil says:

    I have friends who work at Blizzard and they were on this before the petition was up.