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BLACK MIRROR Previews, WESTWORLD Theories, and More TV News

BLACK MIRROR Previews, WESTWORLD Theories, and More TV News

The word of the day is variety. Today’s TV-Cap includes updates on sci-fi series, an animated show, comedy, and more. Keep reading to enjoy some out there theories about Westworld, to see sneak peeks of the new episodes of Black Mirror, to view new trailers for 12 Monkeys and Skylanders Academy, and much more. Oh, and that Supergirl news I teased yesterday? I have a picture of that, too.

Managing Expectations. Black Mirror comes to Netflix with new episodes on October 21, and to help give you an idea of what’s ahead, they’ve released featurettes for two of them. Series creator Charlie Brooker guides you through the basics of “Nosedive” and “Playtest.” I’m ready to start looking at the technologically around me differently, how about you? [Nerdist]

Stars Hollow Immersion. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is still too far away for my taste, but Netflix is gearing up in style. My favorite aspect of promotion for the revival so far is the launching of the Town of Stars Hollow website. The cute site is exactly what the town would have if it were real. You’ll find a Dear Kirk column, a place to request town meetings, a directory, and even a local artists sections that links to people creating fan art. Go visit and spend some time clicking around. [Image: Warner Bros/Netflix]

A Nod to Yesteryear. Fox is bringing back the flavor of Showtime at the Apollo with a two-hour event of the same name. Hosted by Steve Harvey, the special will air on December 5.

The Wildest and Craziest. Even though Westworld is only two episodes in, the series is inspiring theories left and right. It keeps introducing new mysteries, and they need to be explored. Jessica Chobot goes over three of the wildest possibilities in the latest Nerdist News regarding the Man in Black, Dolores, and the flies. [Nerdist]

Theory Fuel. Let me help with your Westworld brainstorming. HBO’s released photos for the third episode, “The Stray.” You can see one still above, and the rest are in the gallery below. [Images: HBO and John P. Johnson]

12 Seasons Strong. Supernatural’s twelfth season premieres today, October 13. Bananas, right? But the family drama is in a position to deliver a strong season. I explain why here at Nerdist.

So. Much. Fun. Netflix is bringing the Skylanders game to streaming with a new animated series, and the first trailer is promising. The character design and animation is bold and slick, and the humor is campy. I’ve never played Skylanders and I’m not the targeted demographic, but I’ll be checking this out. Skylanders Academy will be here on October 28.

Even Stranger Things. Season two of Stranger Things will resume production in the near future, and Matt and Ross Duffer are busy nailing the story down. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, they said every name shown in the teaser for the next season is significant, though they might not stick to those chapter titles. And as you might have guessed from all the season two news the Duffer brothers shared before Netflix officially renewed it, the company greenlit season two before the premiere of season one. Of course. Read the complete interview at The Hollywood Reporter.

Well, That’s Creepy. Syfy’s 12 Monkeys is back in 2017, and the network released a teaser that’s sure to get fans formulating ideas. What do you make of it?

Flashback Talk. The current season of Arrow will be the last one with flashbacks to Oliver’s past. To which most people say, “Whew!” They’re now focusing on how Oliver became entangled with the Bratva. Sydney talked to series executive producer Marc Guggenheim about how exploring this point in Ollie’s past came to be. Read it right this way.

What’s Happening at Spiga. Incorporated, the science fiction drama executive produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is slated to premiere on November 30 on Syfy. The latest look at the series will you give you a feel for what it’s like inside Spiga Biotech, the corporation at the center of the story.

Wednesday TV Time. Last night brought us new episodes of Arrow and American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare. Oliver started a training camp in “The Recruits.” Read Sydney’s recap. Evan Peters returned in “Chapter 5.” Read Samantha’s recap.

Spoilers follow for Supergirl. Look away if you don’t want to see what’s happening with James Olsen.

A New James. As I mentioned Wednesday, Supergirl’s James Olsen is getting a new look soon. He’s taking on the mantle of Guardian from DC comic books. His costume isn’t quite as colorful as comic book Guardian, but he’s armed with the trademark shield. [Image: The CW]

What theories do you have about Westworld? Share them in the comments.

Featured Image: Netflix


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