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Black Friday Deal: That Star Trek Pizza Cutter’s On Sale

There are a lot of deals out there for Black Friday. This is one of them.

No, this is THE Black Friday deal, if, that is, you’re in the market for the pizza cutter shaped like the original USS Enterprise– it’s ten bucks off at ThinkGeek today. Imagine, $19.99 for a pizza slicer modeled after the one and only original NCC-1701 Enterprise. They’ve got other things on sale, but, come on, who doesn’t want a Star Trek pizza cutter?

Okay, don’t answer that. But if you need one, they’re on sale (click here) until 12 midnight Eastern time tonight (Friday). Beats braving long lines and pepper spray to get a 42-inch flat screen TV. And you can’t cut a pizza with a 42-inch flat screen TV.


  1. Melissa says:

    Why are they wearing imperial hats and watching star wars?

  2. Dudebro says:

    ummmm but they’re watching Star Wars. dudebro not cool

  3. Ryan says:

    Is it sad that saw this and bought it immediately?

  4. Joe Palen says:

    Hmm… cutting a pizza with a 42-inch flat screen TV? Now that you’ve said it can’t be done, that’s all I want to do.