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Episode 70: Big Pop Fun
Tom Solos Larry Miller!
Big Pop FunBig Pop Fun

Big Pop Fun #70: Tom Solos Larry Miller!

Tom takes a solo on his friend actor/comedian Larry Miller, and also e.e. cummings. Enjoy!


  1. Rob III says:

    Just listened to this one and felt compelled to comment!

    The solos are always amongst my favorite episodes, but it is good to hear a reflection on or around Easter. As a fellow Catholic, I like your sensibility, and it means a lot to have that aspect of your voice contribute so well to the Nerdist spectrum (because I love all that other stuff too).

    Keep it up I will listen it teh 4evuh!!!!

  2. Ross says:

    Hear, Hear. Just do what you want with this beastie; if it isn’t “deep” enough for some of your pals, they don’t have to listen, do they?
    BTW, my only objection to a reference to some religious idea/tradition/tenet/etc. is that everyone(including you, Genial Host) now feels compelled to spend several times longer justifying/defending your ecumenical cred than it takes to tell the story. As you pointed out, you’re going to get missives from the foaming-at-the-mouth club whatever you do, so just tell the story & leave it at that.

    Thanks for the choir recording. They are, as most serious cathedral choirs are, very good indeed. My favorite musical experiences were singing in cathedrals in Austria & Italy in my youth, incl a spectacular performance with the Salzburg Dom’s choir of the Schubert Mass in G. And, to bring two of this podcasts things together, the college choir in which I got to sing at those wonderful cathedrals also did a strange, ethereal(& tough to sing) setting of parts of that ee cummings poem, of which I still think fondly all these years later. So, thanks for those memories, and may your local pollen count be unusually low this season.

  3. Wendy says:

    I fear I keep leaving identical comments with each post, but the only criticism of this podcast is that it is too short. I could always listen to another hour or two.

  4. Thugsnarf3000 says:

    #3 of 3 here!
    โ€œWhat are you doing?! Youโ€™re complaining about your allergies and telling 60 Larry Miller stories?!โ€ hahaha. This was my first ‘Tom Solo’s” episode. Hilarious. Love the podcast. Keep the sleigh rides coming ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Ryan says:

    Number 2 of 3 and I thought this was fun!