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Bethesda Bringing Classic FALLOUT Games Back To Steam

Bethesda Bringing Classic FALLOUT Games Back To Steam

Given its popularity, it’s crazy to think that Fallout 3 was the entry installment for so many fans of the series. This is mainly because Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics have not only damn near disappeared from being digitally available due to legal disputes, but are also quite burdensome to obtain on CD-ROM.

But that is all getting ready to change very soon, as Bethesda recently announced that it is currently working to bring the old Fallout games back via Steam. Bethesda took to Twitter to proclaim its new undertaking, stating that it is its priority to make the games available “at the earliest date possible.”

This is perfect timing for the company to bring back the classics in the midst of a slew of Fallout 4 rumors. We’ve been excited to the point of salivating over casting documents, so revisiting the older games should prove to be a sufficient hold-over for Fallout veterans as well as fans who have yet to experience the origins of the series. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Bethesda for any more updates on the classic Fallouts’ returns.

Via: @Bethblog