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Ben Folds Five Asks You To Pledge Your Loyalty (And A Little Money)

Ben Folds Five is about to release their first album together in 12 years, but this time, they are going to be marketing and distributing this album in a new way. Pledge Music is an online site for artists that functions much like Kickstarter: Artists ask for a dollar amount, and fans and investors pledge money to help the project get funded. Ben Folds Five’s project just launched, and immediately passed its goal. As of this morning, it’s at 165% of its target. But you can still get in on the action, with a pledge minimum of $10 that will get you the digital download of the album. $15 will get you the CD, $27 a tour t-shirt with the download, $35 will get autographed vinyl (that’s going quickly, so hurry), and so on up to $62 for the signed vinyl, t-shirt, and download. Plus, those who pledge earn the title of BFF VP of Promotions. Their names will be incorporated in the album art. That’s one way to help fans feel part of the whole music making process.

The first song off the new album, “Do It Anyway,” is available for download though Ben Folds’ Facebook Page, but a higher quality copy is available once you become a BFF VP of Promotions. The song features his signature piano arrangement, a catchy melody, and smart lyrics. This song will get stuck in your head — in a good way. I cannot stop listening to it. So do it anyway: download this song!


Diane. V.P. of Promotions for Ben Folds Five

(You can become V.P. of Promotions too:

Here’s Ben Folds on the Nerdist Podcast.


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  1. sarah perry says:

    oh and the new song ROCKS MY PROVERBIAL SOCKS ALL THE WAY OFF! :)

  2. sarah perry says:

    This just made my year. I’m a BFF fan from way back and have seen Ben, Robert and Jesse 5 times (and met Ben’s mom at one show!) Can’t wait for this record to come out!!