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Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue Speak In New GOTHAM TV Spots

Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue Speak In New GOTHAM TV Spots

It won’t be much longer now before Fox’s Gotham hits the airwaves and anyone who wasn’t able to get a peak at the pilot at San Diego Comic-Con will be able to judge the series in full. Until that time, however, Fox will continue rolling out the series bit by bit in various trailers and TV spots, the latest two of which have us intrigued. They feature Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue, better known by their character names as Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock, speaking to how the show will portray the world of Gotham in a way we’ve never seen before on screen (in live action): through the eyes of the future police commissioner:

No matter what anyone says, any opportunity to get a fresh take on the Batman rogues gallery is one we will happily take. The easy route of course could have been to just do a new series with Batman himself, but what would be fresh about that (not to mention the character is currently wreaking havoc on Detroit with Superman and Zack Snyder)? Here, we have a chance to see what made Jim Gordon the man that he is rather than seeing what made Bruce Wayne want to become the caped crusader (plus we know that story already).

There’s a lot of potential to be had with the new Fox drama, and we’re glad that it seems Warner Brothers (the producing studio) realized that early on and really let the creative team play.

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