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Behold the Meth-Fueled Majesty of DRAKE-ING BAD

Behold the Meth-Fueled Majesty of DRAKE-ING BAD

File this under “things you never knew you wanted”: evil geniuses Barry Schwartz and Shea Serrano found Aaron Paul’s portrayal of Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad to be lacking in that certain je ne sais #YOLO, so they took matters in to their own hands with the truly inspired art Tumblr Drake-ing Bad. In case you’re slow on the uptake or are generally unfamiliar with October’s Very Own, the Tumblr replaces the Bitchie Award-giving Aaron Paul, amongst other Breaking Bad characters, with hip hop superstar Drake. His unyielding smile, winning attitude, undeniable swag and pearly white teeth make the Degrassi actor-turned-rap phenom the perfect addition to a nearly perfect series.






How does Drake feel about his new role?

Well put, Drizzy. Well put, indeed. You are truly the one who knocks.

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