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Behind the Scenes of Doctor Puppet


By now, you’ve probably seen the first two installments of the Doctor Puppet saga (if you haven’t, they can be found here). They are writer/animator Alisa Stern’s excellent stop-motion, nearly-silent Doctor Who serials concerning a mysterious meeting between the Eleventh Doctor and…someone else (SPOILERS).

Now, you can get a little glimpse of what it actually takes to make an episode. From script to screen, Alisa shows us a little of the herculean task of bringing independently-produced stop-motion animation to your YouTube windows. This video doesn’t even explain how long it takes to animate the puppet, bit by little bit. Maybe that’ll be in the next making-of video. For now, you’ll just have to subscribe to Alisa’s channel, HelloDoctorPuppet, and get excited for episode three. Evidently, there’s going to be another special guest from the Doctor’s past. Oooh, we can’t wait!