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Becca’s Day-After-Valentine’s Day Playlist, Because

Day After Valentines Day Playlist from bccbecca on 8tracks.

I wanted to put together a Valentines Day playlist for the music nerd, but as much as I love being a walking cliché 99% of the time, I thought maybe this could be the perfect opportunity to subdue my cheesiness. So, to go with the spirit of abnormalities, I still made you a playlist, but a Day After Valentines Day playlist. Super unique… or at least a little less gross.

Why?  Because winter is coming to an end, and we, as a society, don’t have much to look forward to except for President’s Day and then summer, I guess? Maybe Easter, if you still get candy… These are some songs that get me through the grey. Let’s keep the high from Valentine’s Day going, Nerds! Love you all!