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Beards for Benefit, or A Different Facial Hair Charity Thing

Yeah, you know about Movember and all the guys growing mustaches for prostate and testicular cancer awareness and all that. This story’s about a bunch of guys growing beards for charity, but before you dismiss it, it’s different….

See, the guys at Column Five, a design agency in Orange County, decided they’d do something clever by growing beards and tracking the growth on a daily basis by taking pictures and posting them on a single page, but then Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast and, in the process, destroyed the apartment and belongings of one of their designers, a guy who they call Kirk W. They’re using the beard thing to help raise money for Kirk and his wife.

So, over at, you’ll find Beards for Benefit, wherein the guys and their facial hair are depicted, updated every day. Hover your cursor over any picture and it expands, moving other shots out of the way. (They ARE web designers, you know, and if you check their website, you can see that they do some pretty impressive work.) You can donate, and Column Five’s matching every dollar donated. Nice story, and well worth the itching the guys are undoubtedly experiencing about now.

HT: Elie Ayrouth of Foodbeast