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Be In Awe: BIOSHOCK And MASS EFFECT Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demos

Be In Awe: BIOSHOCK And MASS EFFECT Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demos

I don’t think we’ve said thank you enough to the fine folks at Epic Games for unleashing the beast that we know as the Unreal Engine 4 to the public.

Their share-the-wealth attitude has provided onlookers with recreations of beloved video games in ways we’ve never imagined. Remember The Legend of Zelda demo? Yeah, that was awesome, and now gaming fans are treated again to a couple more Unreal Engine 4 fun vids.

This vid comes from the mind of YouTuber noodlespagoodle, who recreated the underwater world of BioShock‘s Rapture that’s as fine as all the riches of Atlantis. He even pulled from the game’s soundtrack to help set the mood. If you’re easy to frighten, rest assured that there are no splicers there to pop up behind you. I know, because in my first viewing of the video, I had my hands over my eyes and my back against a wall… just in case.

Take a dive in the world of BioShock with the video below:

But wait, there’s more!

Fellow YouTuber, reznoire, shows us what the world of Mass Effect would look like if it harnessed the power of the epic engine. The flyby of a seedy portion of the Citadel (or perhaps an underground sector of Omega?) shows us how gritty the sci-fi universe would appear. Plus, we get some damn fine dance moves from Miranda, EDI, and, what the, Zaeed?

Dance along to the vid below (you may want to provide a much more up-tempo dance beat):

Someone please, please, please recreate Psychonauts using the engine!

Thank you, Epic Games!

HT: Extreme Tech