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Be a Zombie (Or Run From Them) at “The Walking Dead Escape”

So… you wanna be a zombie? Or watch zombies be, you know, zombies? Well, then, have we got the event for you.

July 12th through 14th, while that big convention is going on in San Diego, another event will be taking place right across the street at Petco Park. The stadium, normally home to the San Diego Padres, will be overrun by zombies in a three-day extravaganza called The Walking Dead Escape. You can buy tickets to be stalked by zombies, you can BE a zombie — you get made up by professionals, then get to stomp through the park, and that’s a limited number of tickets — or you can buy tickets to watch the action. There’ll be climbing, crawling, sliding, whatever it takes to get away or catch up (and there will be challenges, like rope bridges and cargo nets, so it’s not going to be that easy). If you’re a survivor, you have to make it to the Evacuation Zone without being in contact with any of the Walkers (you’ll get scanned by “Government Scientists” to make sure once you get to the Zone). Tickets will specify a day and time, and you’ll be sent into action in waves that run every 20 minutes. And Survivors and Walkers get an exclusive special edition of the 100th issue of The Walking Dead, while spectators get the cover of that issue as a special exclusive poster.

I am resisting the temptation to make a Padres zombie joke. It’s WAY too easy.

Anyway, you should buy tickets now. But here’s another way to get in: Our siblings at Nerdist News and the good folks at The Walking Dead Escape are giving away tickets to the event. Here’s how: First, go right now and follow @nerdistnews and follow @TWDEscape on Twitter. Then, watch closely, because they’ll be giving away tickets to folks who answer their questions with what they like to call “brainy tweets” (that sounds like an insult, doesn’t it?). Follow them now — the questioning’s about to start — and tweet your responses to @nerdistnews and @TWDEscape with hashtags #TWDE and either #SurvivorStriver or #WalkerWannabe, depending on whether you want to be a Survivor or Walker. The contest will run today through July 13th.

All the details about the event are at the Walking Dead Escape website FAQ, which you’ll find by clicking here. See? There really IS a zombie apocalypse going on. Cool.