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“Battlestar Galactica,” Summarized 16-Bit Style

College Humor did this animation summarizing the entire run of the 2004-09 version of Battlestar Galactica in 16-bit RPG videogame style. You get the story, the characters, the plot holes and effects of tight budgets (“Switching to Debates In Spaceships Mode”), plus, of course, Cylons galore… it’s full of (snarky) spoilers if you haven’t seen the show, but, come on, you’ve had enough time to do that by now.

HT: Blastr


  • I guess I am one of the only few who LOVED the whole show including the finale. Yes, Seasons 1 & 2 were definitely the better seasons but I still enjoyed the rest of the show. I thought the finale was a great ending to this brilliant show.

  • I agree with Max G.: Though seasons 3 and 4 had a few clunkers, the overall quality declined very little, and there were excellent shows to wrap up the story, including the Oath, Blood on the Scales and the 3 part finale. Sure, there were some plot holes, but what great arc story doesn’t have a few? So say we all!

  • I don’t think I noticed a lot of the failed plot lines right away. But the finale made me want to punch someone in the cornea. Overall, still loved the show and this 16-Bit Summary is awesome.

  • Fantastic video. Additionally I hated the finale so much I re-imagined it again. Been a while, but do you remember David, the missing 7th cylon that Cavil killed? I decided he escaped and was Gandalf-ing away on the colonies, implanting internal avatars, siring Starbuck maybe even Baltar, etc. There’s more but you’re bored already. Anyway, it wraps up loose ends better than god… magic, fucking magic. Assholes.