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Batman Recut: A Heartfelt Coming Of Age Story

Batman Recut: A Heartfelt Coming Of Age Story

You know the story: Boy is born into rich family. Boy’s parents are murdered in a dark alley right in front of him. Boy is left with huge fortune and loving butler to take care of him. Boy sort of can’t deal with that horrific murder and turns to late night vigilantism. Boy holds up boombox in front of childhood friend and current Assistant District Attorney’s window… wait.

Well, that’s how it could have been. Thanks to One Minute Galactica, we’ve got a Batman trailer that’s a coming-of-age indie film – one that probably could have swept Sundance.

If you want to check out the Mary Poppins recut trailer that kicked off this craze, plus some other great recuts – I highly suggest you check out Nerdist’s Top 10 Best Recut Movie Trailers.


  1. pat says:

    it’s like watching bruce wayne’s transformation into patrick bateman..

  2. Maisonier says:

    Well … this is exactly the Nolan’s Batman xD