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Bane Mask Walkie Talkies, For The Villain In All Of Us

bane_mask_walkie_talkiesWe interrupt nothing in particular to bring you a message from our friends at ThinkGeek and their latest offering, Bane Mask Walkie Talkies. You, too, can sound like Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises (with all the unintelligibility that entails). But you’ll also BE Bane. Imagine the fun. Imagine the terror. Just $24.99 to bring your family, friends, town, nation, and world to their knees. It’s necessary fun!

The Bane Mask Walkie Talkies are just one of a line of new products being featured today at There’s a set of Batman Family Car Decals to slap on your Batmobile to let people know you parents are dead and you skulk around Gotham in a cape. thinkgeekThere’s the Adventure Time BMO Interactive Buddy that turns a simple iPod Mini into your favorite cartoon gaming device that does weird junk when no one’s around. Aliens Chestburster-in-a-Can to bring out the inner John Hurt. How about an Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp, or the Play-Doh 3D Printer, or maybe you want to snuggle up to a Creeper body pillow if you can’t get enough Minecraft during waking hours? And the bean bag toss game of Cornhole has never been as fun as the Death Star Trench Toss. But hurry and check them out today, because they won’t be offered forever. In fact, they might not be around beyond April 1st, so act now….


  1. Charlotte says:

    We need a lot more intshgis like this!