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Balki Lives in “Perfect Strangers,” the Game

A flash-based web game based on the ’80s sitcom Perfect Strangers? Why, yes, it’s a game created by Jason Oda, who creates games for advertisers and musicians. It’s pretty rudimentary — you, meaning Balki, just run (arrow keys to move left or right) and/or jump (with the space bar) while collecting stars. And that’s it. But it’s Balki and Larry! Nothing’s gonna stop me now! Don’t be ridiculous!

Play it by clicking here. It’s… perfect.

HT: USA Today


  1. Dan Royalty says:

    It seems they pulled it off the site at some point yesterday :-( Now I’m forced to show people its awesome-ness via YouTube.

  2. Louis O'Raga says:

    I saw Kumail post this last night.

    It should be spread to every internet site.

    We must spread this dream!

    We must chase our dreams!