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Back to the Camera

It’s one of the more popular recurring shots in movies, and here Zach Prewitt brings it to you in a supercut of a LOT of characters viewed in a back-to-the-camera position. Yes, it’s scene after scene of a person looking out over a vast landscape, preferably majestic and breathtaking, occasionally plain, usually lit so that you see the person as a silhouette. Cliche? Sure, but it can be one awesome-looking cliche.

The full list of movies included is at the YouTube page, but you’ll see some movies familiar (The Shining, Walk the Line, Fantasia, Sin City. Close Encounters), some not-so-familiar, and at least one ringer from TV that happens to be Doctor Who. And there’s even one from The Iron Lady, if we want to be timely here. See how many you remember. You’ll have to work fast.

HT: io9 via Neatorama