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DVK: Daniel Van KirkDVK: Daniel Van Kirk

Back To Dorchester With DVK’s ‘Mark Wahlberg’

We’re heading back to Boston to wander around Dahchestah… er, Dorchester with native son Mark Wahlberg, or at least Dan Van Kirk playing Marky Mark showing you around the old neighborhood on a special DVK Nerdist Channel feature. You’ll learn where to get a good chicken cutlet, and what the Trifecta is, why he has to go into Peggy O’Neil’s alone while Donnie has to wait outside, and the explanation of how and why he lost his first and only bar fight. Plus, Wahlburgers!

Subscribe to the Nerdist Channel. Unlike in Dorchester, New York ID is accepted here.


  1. HempKnight757 says:

    Not even remotely funny. Also that brick thing you refer to is called a stoop. DVK fail.