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Awesomely Bad Movies: TROLL (The First One)

Awesomely Bad Movies: TROLL (The First One)

This week on Awesomely Bad Movies, I take aim at a movie that gets praised in some circles, but shouldn’t. That is, of course, 1986’s Troll. This movie makes me so angry, and because it was followed by Troll 2, which is often hailed as the worst movie ever made, this first part, which granted is at least competently assembled, is given a pass. Why?! It goes back and forth from being a terrifying body horror flick to a charming kid’s movie. Why were the ’80s so rife with tiny creature movies? I don’t know, man; alls I can say is this has Atreyu from The Never-Ending Story playing a character named Harry Potter. Also, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Moriarty, June Lockhart, and Sonny Bono are all in it. I mean, what the hell?

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  1. Wraith says:

    I too loved this movie as a kid. Of course it’s terrible as an adult!

  2. Derek Wheeler says:

    As an adult trying to watch this movie it’s bad. As a kid it was one of the most awesome movies I ever saw. Didn’t really give me nightmares so much as make me wonder “what is hidden in the dark spaces”