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Awesomely Bad Movies Targets ATM

Awesomely Bad Movies Targets ATM

ATM: That stands for Automated Teller Machine, of course. Who’da thought so much “drama” and “tension” could be mined from three people trapped in such a vestibule late one night with a murderous parka-wearer lurking outside? Apparently, the makers of the 2012 film ATM did, and that is why it’s the latest subject for my Awesomely Bad Movies series from Modern Primate.

Watch as I play “Count the Ways This Situation Could Have Been Easily Avoided,” and relish as the characters, played by Brian Geraghty, Alice Eve, and Josh Peck, make stupid decision after stupid decision on their inevitably path toward needlessly dying. It’s just a guy in a parka, for pity’s sake!

This is our eleventh episode, by the way, and if you’d like to watch me make fun of 9 other highly-deserving movies, you can see the whole playlist right here.


  1. Phil says:

    I’ve actually had this movie sitting around for a couple years now, but haven’t mustered enough bad flick karma to get it going. Maybe now’s the time.