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Awesomely Bad Movies Steps All Over the FORBIDDEN WORLD

Forbidden World

Hello, people who are awesome and enjoy comedy! I’m back with another episode of Awesomely Bad Movies, the YouTube show in which I take aim at the most ridiculous and absurd genre movies ever watched or leered at. And leering is a very apt word for today’s movie, Forbidden World from 1982. It’s one of a handful of Alien ripoffs to come about in the early ’80s, but this one certainly stands out for having the worst-looking alien creature but the most lurid and unnecessary sex scenes. They take up most of the movie, and it’s only an hour-twenty.

For more of me doing this thing, check out and subscribe to Modern Primate‘s channel on them there internets. And hey! Here’s me also making fun of a movie about giant killer bunny rabbits, Night of the Lepus, at the end of which I have a monster mandolin solo.