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Awesomely Bad Movies Heats Up THE BURNING

Awesomely Bad Movies Heats Up THE BURNING

It’s another episode of my webseries Awesomely Bad Movies, the show in which I skewer weird and/or ungood movies for the betterment of society and the youth of the nation.

In honor of the recent Blood Moon, this week I take a look at the very first Miramax movie, an attempt by the Weinstein Brothers to cash in on the success of Friday the 13th in the early ’80s. It’s got a camp, it’s got nubile young women, it’s got Tom Savini gore effects, and it’s got George Costanza with hair… one of these things doesn’t seem to fit. It is, of course, 1981’s The Burning.

I love it when movies don’t make any sense! For more on The Burning, read my Schlock & Awe article on it, and for more of me making fun of dumb flicks, and other comedic endeavors, subscribe to Modern Primate on YouTube.