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“Asylum of the Daleks” Review (SPOILERS APLENTY)


Come hither, ye Whovians, and rejoice! Doctor Who has, after a 9-month hiatus, returned to our screens and has done so in style. “Asylum of the Daleks” was exactly what you could want from a (relatively) stand-alone episode: It was exciting, scary, heartfelt, twisty, triumphant, and shocking. Steven Moffat’s script and Nick Hurran’s direction blended together exceedingly well and, go figure, the cast did a great job, too. After the somewhat disappointing finale last year and the syrupy Christmas special, it was time we had a true rip-snorter of an adventure. It can never be said that the Moff doesn’t know how to open a season with a bang… a planet-destroying bang.

Now, especially for this episode, it’s going to be very difficult for me to discuss what I need to and remain spoiler-free. So, before I dive into the hope-you’ve-seen-it-already territory, I’d like to say this episode did not disappoint at all. To say I loved it would be pretty accurate. As much as I dislike the word, “Asylum” felt epic and massive and yet, as Moffat’s best scripts are, it was a very intimate story at its heart, one of reconciliation and discovery. I’m most pleased that the show was finally able to deliver a Dalek story that gave the Daleks some depth and actually made them scary again. With the exception of “Dalek” all the way back in Series 1, in every other story featuring the surly salt-shakers, they’ve felt like little more than Snidely Whiplash-esque melodrama villains, with plans too grand and sweeping to truly menace. Here, though, the Daleks become, as they should be, terrifying in their own right and not entirely based on universal subjugation. The Daleks as a warring entity still aren’t that scary, but individual ones are again.

Now, beware, we’re heading into SPOILER territory. You’re being amply warned.

I’ll start out with minor spoilers and go on from there.

I absolutely adored the idea of the human meat-puppet Dalek zombies. It isn’t the first time the Daleks have used human slaves as acolytes, but having them be sleeper agents with creepy eyestalk heads was a particularly creepy touch. They, and especially the mummified ones in the Alaska cockpit, evoked other creations like the Vashta Nerada. Moffat loves his undead. Anyone else get a Weeping Angels vibe when Rory was walking through what he believed to be a corridor of dead Daleks? This stuff was reminiscent of his other work, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I loved the idea of the Parliament of the Daleks, and of course the Prime Minister would just be a mutant and not need a tank to sit in. The conversation in the beginning between the Doctor and PM was creepy and very telling. Finding out the Daleks find hate beautiful and hence would rather not destroy it was a whopper of a great revelation only bettered by the notion that the Doctor’s hate for them is the only reason they haven’t killed him. Chilling. The millions of Daleks were really cool to see, though I was disappointed we didn’t see as many older-style Daleks as they perhaps promised. I definitely didn’t see the Special Weapons Dalek from “Remembrance of the Daleks.”

Throughout, Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs did maybe his best work to date, making the insane, scared, and sad Daleks all sound different. His work at the climax of the episode, when the Doctor finds Oswin, is particularly great. I also loved beginning the episode on the long-desolate Skaro. Really nice touch.

Matt Smith is amazing. I don’t need to say any more than that at this point. He is MY Doctor.

I enjoyed a lot of the Amy and Rory stuff. It was nice to see them not 100% perfect, like they apparently had been for too long. Introducing an element of dissent between them was interesting and Gillan and Darvill have really fantastic performances throughout, but especially in their emotional breakdown scene. I think I would have enjoyed this aspect a little more if it didn’t seem to come out of nowhere. As cute as the “Pond Life” segments were, they probably should have been a bit more real and established the problem in their lives. I think I’d have had a better time believing they’d been on the rocks, to the point of divorce, if we hadn’t just seen them living in harmony with an Ood. Also, does this mean Amy’s part Dalek, or are we to believe she hadn’t been physically changed yet?


One more quick note before I open up all the spoiler gates: Nick Hurran’s direction was top-to-bottom fantastic. He directed “The Girl Who Waited” and “The God Complex” in Series 6, which were two of the most stylistically different episodes in the whole season, and here he directs the most grungy, creepy, atmospheric story we’ve seen in quite awhile. He also directed episode 5, “The Angels Take Manhattan,” and I really can’t wait to see what he does there. He’s established himself as being up there with Toby Haynes, Adam Smith, Euros Lyn, and the great Graeme Harper as one of the very best directors of the new series.

And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for – ALL THE SPOILERS THERE ARE

HOLY SHIT! Jenna-Louise Coleman was in this episode! How did we not know this? I am incredibly impressed with the Twitter-verse and the like for not spoiling this for me or most people. (I realize several UK feeds started tweeting in depth about the episode before it had aired in the US and Canada. If this happened to you, I’m sorry; that sucks. In the future, I encourage you to do what I do – steer clear of all social media on Doctor Who Saturdays until you’ve seen the episode.) I was utterly shocked when she showed up in the first post-titles scene, and was even more utterly shocked when she stayed in the episode throughout, becoming basically the other main character. On top of that, she did a fantastic job. Really, really great. Working essentially in a vacuum, she seemed to be able to play opposite the other actors like they shared the screen. Having never seen her act (with the exception of the tiny part in Captain America I didn’t know she had until I watched that movie again last week), it was very refreshing and exciting to be able to know she’s so great this early.

And this is why Steven Moffat’s a genius: The whole twist of the episode (that Oswin is not only a girl trapped in a Dalek asylum, but trapped in a Dalek) and its effectiveness on the audience is contingent on our knowing that she’s going to be the new companion come Christmas. I’m sure some viewers didn’t know this, and it may or may not have affected them, but for me it was paramount. Because we knew the actress is going to be the new companion, and that we didn’t know she was going to appear in this episode, we (or I) assumed that the inevitable twist with her character wasn’t going to be what it ended up being. We all assumed that this character is the same character that will be the companion and hence weren’t paying attention to the fairly obvious, or at least brushing it off.

Moffat used the audience’s preconceptions to aid his storytelling. I always thought it was odd the way they announced Coleman as the new companion. It seemed to come a bit early and out of nowhere. Also, aside from a few leaked photos, we didn’t know the name of the companion. He wanted to make sure the fact that she’s joining the show was known well in advance so that her appearance in this episode already had meaning to the audience and he could properly pull the rug out from under us. To coin a Moffat-esque phrase: it was “Meta Weta.” And because she was by herself for the whole story, they could show a ton of clips of the Doctor, Amy, and Rory and never once see that JLC was involved. So brilliant.

Here is the theory I have about Oswin Oswald and how she will fit in to the eventual story. In her final shot, she tells the Doctor to remember her name. He doesn’t know what she looks like; again, only we do. She looks into the camera as she says “remember” for the final time. I think that the character Jenna-Louise will play come Christmas is an ancestor of this character. It’s been somewhat rumored/known that the companion will be named “Clara Oswin,” so I’m guessing she’ll be the great-great-great-great grandmother of the girl in the Dalek. Just speculation of course, but the only thing the Doctor has is the name and “Oswin” is an interesting enough name to stick out in someone’s brain. I’m hoping she’ll be not from the present day, but we’ll see. Just my theory, take from it what you will.

And I loved, loved, LOVED that she was able to make the Daleks forget the Doctor. This is integral to Moffat’s proposed plan of making the Doctor a cipher again and not the universe-famous “Predator of the Daleks” that he has been for decades. If the Daleks can’t remember him, other people won’t, too. I mean, who’s going to believe Cybermen? Random thought: I’d really love an “Almost Got ‘im”-style episode where a Dalek, a Cyberman, a Sontaran, and the Master all sit around playing cards talking about how they nearly defeated the Doctor. Copyright: Kanderson.

To sum up: “Asylum of the Daleks” was a big, enormous mark in the WIN column. Loved it to bits. Next week’s episode is Chris Chibnall’s “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be back to review that sucker. With likely fewer theories and spoiler warnings. I leave you now with the BBC America trailer:

-Kanderson will never look at eggs and milk the same way again. Follow him on TWITTER

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  1. Banjo says:

    People have thrown in the “twin” theory already but I just find it to be kinda lame. While twins look alike, their personalities are fairly different so it would be such a let down to introduce Dalek Oswin as such an appealing character with so many personality quirks and then have it all start over with this twin that only looks like her but actually isnt.

    I guess the most reasonable theory so far is that he picks her up before all the dalek stuff to go on an adventure with knowledge of her ending the whole time. But still, I like the idea that this is actually the regeneration of Jenny (the doctors daughter).

  2. Gene says:

    Is it too mundane of a theory to think that Oswin might have a twin sister, and that the sister will become the next companion? Perhaps the sister has been searching for answers as to what happened to Oswin, and encounters the Doctor in the process.

  3. Nutcracker says:

    The thing that puzzles me and seemed out of place about the episode was the vision that Amy saw. Why did she she a ballerina and those people dressed from the past.  If you also noticed Oswin had a music box with a ballerina in it also which was prominently shown.  

    I haven’t been following rumors of upcoming episodes, so i don’t know of this is know already but if the last couple of Christmas specials have been based on classic stories that revolve around Christmas, and  if Oswin’s character is to be named Clara, will it be based on the nutcracker since that is the name of the girl in the story and it’s a ballet (the two ballerina references). The Doctor takes Clara away on a magical journey on the Tardis like in the story after he saves her from someone evil (maybe the cyber king). Can it be that obvious from the start? 

    Will we be seeing other references to it which will become the recurring  theme like the crack from two seasons ago ? (maybe the Christmas episode will be called the wallcracker).  

     Does Amy have a connection to Oswin since she might have been seeing things from the story/her life? The subject of the Ponds not being able to have kids was a big part of why they were divorcing, which seemed just thrown into the story for no reason. So  how about if Oswin is their daughter from the future that they dont know about yet and we will see Amy and Rory as the parents of Clara in the special.  The Doctor told Amy to  remember him and she was able to bring him back at the wedding, so maybe the same with Oswin.  

    Was  Dalek Oswin projecting the images from  her own past future?

  4. Jeff says:

    Kyle, you should write that “Almost Got ‘im” episode. Maybe they’ll make it in an upcoming season.

  5. steve says:

    For all who fuss over continuity with facts
    established in earlier stories and even the
    classic series, I offer you a quote from the
    good Doctor himself:

    “Time is in flux, changing every second.
    Your cozy little world could be rewritten
    just like THAT!”

    ~ The Unquiet Dead

  6. Banjo says:

    So what did I miss about the Oswin being restrained in the chair vs the Oswin Dalek? Is it possible she is still intact somewhere or did I misread that?

    Anyway, my theory is that Amy will somehow continue to be infected with the Dalek nanowhatevers and in the attempt to cure her then they’ll also cure Oswin and she’ll join the Doctor while Amy goes back to her redundant life of reaffirming to Rory that she loves him.

  7. Stella says:

    Well, I was going to comment. But then Michael Paige said everything I had wanted to, and better at that 🙂

  8. DOCTOR POO says:


  9. three toes of fury says:

    Kyle: another wonderful Doctor Who themed article…thanks for being the nerdists resident Whovian.

    As for “Asylum”…WOOO HOO WHO!!!! Its so wonderful to have the show back and it came out of the gates running! (“RUN!”). Im surprised by the mixed feedback in the talkbacks on this episode…it thought it was awesome! Moffat throws alot of confusion at us right away…i was wondering during the opening minutes if i missed some major episode between last season as this regarding the Amy/Rory breakup!? Classic Moffat. I absolutely love the scene where the Doctor rambles off on everything he needs to resolve in a matter of minutes…and then does it!!

    Honestly my only critique is that i kinda wish this was a two parter…i would have liked to seen more of the and about the imprisoned daleks…the Asylum planet is a realllly creative idea and i’d have liked to spend more time there prior to its destruction…plus with the scope of the episode, a 2 parter would have felt like a mini-Who-movie.

    Wooo Hooo! The doctor is in! So glad its back….cant wait to watch (and rewatch..and rewatch) the upcoming new episodes.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, ive got a milkless burning souffle to attend to and then to find some clearasil for this weird breakout on my forehead…its a weird, almost illuminated blue rash….hmmm…..i guess i’ll just have to get rid of it….or maybe just extermina……EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!!!!! EXTERMINATE!!

    3TOD (3 toes of Dalek)

  10. Matthew says:

    My theory is that Oswin will have been in an explosion that splintered her personality through time ala City of Death and the Doctor will keep bumping into several versions of her.

  11. Ted Danson says:

    Not to mention how could the Doctor be on Skaro if it was destroyed in Remembrance of the Daleks by the Hand of Omega, which is probably what led up to the Time War!

  12. Duckbill Platypus says:

    I like the episode, but they should have explained why the new paradigm Daleks didn’t kill the rest of the RTD era gold Daleks, like they had in Victory of the Daleks. Also, where the hell did this Dalek parliament come from?

  13. gavku says:

    hmm it was a bit meh. Our household were collectively mocking the useless use of chains throughout the episode, then burst out laughing at the sight of Oswin chained up…


  15. Michael Paige says:

    This ep just didn’t do it for me. I liked it, and thought there were some excellent bits, but too many things didn’t make sense in context, and some scenes just seemed like pandering to the fans. The talking to the camera stuff felt contrived (both from Oswin and the Doctor), and I honestly can’t see how Amy can go from the woman in The Girl Who Waited to someone who would just give him up over something as shallow as not being able to have kids. It doesn’t fit the profile of Amy they’ve been building all this time. The Amy/Rory marriage problems thing just didn’t work for me at all, and the reconciliation was emotional pandering that I didn’t think was needed. Also Amy and Rory were together in the same room signing divorce papers, so why didn’t the Daleks grab both of them then? Why wait for Rory to leave? Didn’t make sense.

    I was curious about the Dalek avatar in heels. Just, why? What was the point of that? They went out of their way to point out the heels, but it’s so out of context.

    Then there’s the Asylum… Just what are insane Daleks? What would the classification of insane be to a Dalek? The Daleks in the Asylum didn’t seem different from your average Dalek, so again, not quite sure what the point was. If the asylum is fully automatic and there is no supervision, who was chaining up all the Daleks? Too many blatant holes in the plot for me.

    I thought Oswin was a great little character, but I didn’t like the “Remember” bit into the camera. Similarly, I didn’t like the end scenes with the Doctor, “Fellas, you’re never gonna stop asking.” or having him spin around the TARDIS going, “Doctor who?!” The whole bit seemed a bit too much a play for the fans. Just drop off AMy and Rory, neat as you please, no worries, all their marriage problems are worked out. It sort of feels like everyone is becoming a caricature of the characters they were. Even though this was the season opener, I’m hoping future eps get better.

  16. Anthony says:

    Actually, you all knew about JLC being in this episode, except she
    made you forget. I somehow escaped the erasure. I guess it’s
    better to be lucky that OOD.


  17. Marlusrahl says:

    “Oswin” meaning “god’s friend” really makes me happy. Since 10 was once called ” the lonely god” by the Face of Boe.

    I also would love it if Oswin the Dalek would be the actual companion instead of an ancestor of hers.
    I mean, it could happen right? Daleks, especially the crazy ones, can shift through time right? My Who knowledge only encompasses the new series so i’m really not sure.

  18. Katie B says:

    Nerdist, you brilliant man, I LOVE your idea of the Batman-esque “Almost Got ‘Em” episode. Had a nerd-bonding moment of imagining the possibilities 🙂 Awesome

    And why can’t Oswin herself become a companion…The Doctor does have access to all of time and space, why not, knowing she’s a genius, just find her before the crash and borrow her for a while?

    And I’d love to see a genius companion; it would be like seeing Sheldon Cooper vs. The Doctor, pure entertainment

  19. Kenadee says:

    I really enjoyed this epidsode except I’m worried about Oswin’s character I agree with Scott on Moffat’s women. I am so tired of those types of companions. It gets so boring after so many of them. Also, I liked that Rory and Amy had to deal with adult fears but as stated before, it was really contrived. But other than that I loved it. Them being of Skaro was a breath of fresh air after being on Earth so much. And, man, I loved the daleks in this and the fact that Oswin made them forget the Doctor was amazing and fits in with the Doctor trying to stay in the shadows. It’ll being interesting to see how that plays out. I can’t wait for the series.

  20. Mark says:

    Good Points:

    1. Daleks are scary again.

    2. More information about the Daleks, that also relates to their history.

    3. Makes me curious how they will work the dead\dalek companion into the show, because:
    a. if this is the future, will she only last one season?
    b. if this is the future, why did the doctor not know her name yet, or is it his past and her future, like with River Song?
    c. More timey-wimey options a-plenty for this companion.

    4. 2 Hot Companions (and Rory) in this episode. One present, one Future.

    5. The Daleks forgot the Doctor.

    Bad Points about the episode:
    1. As soon as the Doctor asked: where does your milk come from, I knew she was a Dalek, this was a bit of turn down when it turned out to be true.

    2. I would have expected some build-up to the Rory, Amy break-up in Pond Life, however we didn’t see any, they where living happily with an Ood, not really something to point out: They are unhappy!

    3. The Daleks forgot the Doctor!

  21. Kate K says:

    Two thoughts:

    1. In the beginning scene, how did the Doctor get on Skaro?? The Dalek homeworld, like Gallifrey, is in a time lock! If he can get there, he can get to Gallifrey, and the time lock ceases.

    2. Perhaps Oswin the Dalek didn’t die. And perhaps they meet again in the Christmas special. The Doctor and his new companion, a Dalek?

  22. eddie says:

    If you really want to see that, im sure you could find a fan fic or something out there

  23. Matt Grandis says:

    Semantics. As long as spoilers are clearly marked (which they are) it means fuck all what the article is called. This is not literary studies.

  24. Hamish says:

    Fer the love of… If you can’t write a review without including spoilers, don’t write a review.

    Call it a critique. Call it a dicussion. Call it late for dinner. If you load if full of spoilers and call it a review then you’ve missed the point of the exercise on a fundamental level.

  25. SFista says:

    I was entertained, and Moffat did a good job makintg the Daleks scary again. However, my big quibble (well, one big and one little) is with the Dalek Parliament.

    Big: What about the Time War? When we last saw the Daleks, the new paradigm models destroyed the old gold ones for being inferior, and these were supposed to be the only Daleks left in existence. Where did everybody else come from? Moffatt has said continuity is irrelevant because of the Time War (I think that’s wrong), but this really messes with everything Davies established and which Moffatt affirmed in Victory of the Daleks.

    Speaking of everybody else, I’ve watched the Parliament scenes a few times now (thank Rasillon for YouTube), and I didn’t see any models except the old gold and new paradigm. They made such a big deal about bringing back the models from the 60s thru the 80s, and I didn’t see a one.

  26. Banjo says:

    BTW. What does everyone think about the theory that Oswin is the regeneration of the Doctors daughter Jenny?

    They both even are using the same chair… I think that twist could be tons of fun.'s-daughter

  27. Banjo says:

    Like many others, I was smitten with Amy Pond the moment we saw her on screen (the adult Amy, I’m no creep!) But after so many adventures with her then I have to say she bores the heck out of me. How many times do we have to have Amy reaffirm to Rory that she loves him? It’s tedious and really hurt her character.

    That said, I can’t wait for Oswin! I’m not sure how they’ll get her aboard but her intelligent, spunky and USEFUL character looks like one that will actually be a true partner to the Doctor rather than a companion. I can’t wait!

  28. Roscoe says:

    It is more likely that the Doctor will run into OO’s earlier relatives (assuming she didnt have kids before she was stranded). Mirroring River and the Doctor’s back to front interactions, I see her ancestor(s) popping up next seoson. The Daleks not knowing who he is could put them at an advantage too. Oswin mentioned that they have grown stronger in fear of him… Awesome.

  29. Zelim says:

    It makes me happy to see a break from the Eccleston/Tennat final-solution method of defeating the daleks. As much as I loved \the 10th Doctor, it grated on my nerves for the dalek to always be wiped out and miraculously returned to once again be a threat. The 11th Doctor has now taken on the daleks 2 times and in both situations, the daleks have gotten what they were after. I love the new dynamic.

  30. Matt Grandis says:

    Yes, the fact that they managed to keep the surprise a secret is absolutely amazing. I bet JJ Abrams wants a word with Moffat now.

  31. steve says:

    The Daleks are made creepy and scary all over again. Fantastic! 

    And the multiple sucker-punches!  1. Jenna Loiuse-Coleman 2. The much better fonts in the opening titles 3. Amy and Rory divorcing. 4. The reason for the divorce (Amy’s self-hatred because she is sterile and can’t bear children) 5. Oswin is a Dalek! 

    In an Internet-saturated world where nothing is secret anymore, the BBC really did an amazing job in hiding the spoilers.

    I wasn’t too keen on all the Daleks at the end saying “Doctor Who?” and then the Doctor saying it too.  Over and over.  Enough with the navel-gazing! 

    But otherwise a pretty good start to the season.  It was worth the wait.

    Posted by steve  on  09/02  at  10:56 AM

  32. Josh says:

    “Also, I like that we kind of instantly see the marriage problems come out of nowhere”

    Someone wasn’t watching Pond Life…

  33. J-Rod says:

    Think this should be shared:-

    (From the BBC Doctor Who website.)

    Steven Moffat thanked fans: “I hope you all got a nice surprise when Jenna popped up in Doctor Who several months early. If so, that surprise came to you courtesy of the frankly magnificent ladies and gentlemen of the press, and of the many Doctor Who forums and blogs too.

    “This show has been seen at four separate screenings, across four different countries and yet not one person gave one spoiler.

    “From all of us on Doctor Who, a heartfelt thank you for helping us tell our story.”

  34. J-Rod says:

    @Scott S – Both your points have always been part of Doctor Who since the early sixties. If it wasn’t for the success of The Daleks in 1963 the show wouldn’t have survived. They were the big on screen success and merchandising at the beginning of the show (and made their creator Terry Nation very very wealthy. The writers and fans of old who and the British Public for forty years have always considered them the big bad. However they do now fall into ‘The Borg-esque ho-hum easy to defeat’ plus the success of the Weeping Angels and Silence.’

    The true gage was the ‘Radio Times’ (our UK TV Guide) cover. The show only ever got the cover of the weekly magazine when the season started and when the Daleks were in an episode.

  35. Nick says:

    I didn’t particularly enjoy the twist of the episode because it was the exact thing I thought was going to happen. I didn’t know that actress held any significance and just watching the episode stand alone you have to come to the conclusion that Oswin can’t be fine and there’s going to be a problem. It is interesting to know that the actress will be playing the new companion and how that will work in the future, but I don’t think Moffat should rely on the audience to know more than what is presented in the show. If I suggested to a friend to watch the show, and even if watching this one first isn’t best, they would be probably a little unimpressed with this episodes’ twist.

  36. Scott S says:

    How many people who the Daleks didn’t recognize survive being in their presence? I’d guess about zero, over a fifty year time period. But they had no problem with a strange man being in their parliamentary room?

    I’ve always had a problem with the Doctor acting like the Daleks are the supreme evil, clever, military beings in the universe, when he never seems to have that much trouble outwitting them and their plans that seem to rely more on people believing that the Daleks are so terrible than on being great plans. And the Doctor cowering in front of the Daleks before Oswin opens the door just seemed out of place.

    I HATE when people say, “Doctor Who?” in the shows. It sounds like they’re just playing to people who think his name actually is Doctor Who.

  37. J-Rod says:

    Bit of a ‘bleugh’ episode redeemed by the Oswin twist.

    Oswin is however a boys name. Old English/Welsh and ‘almost extinct’ And that intriged me.
    So having been tricked before I put Oswin Oswald in an anagram generator but nothing really good came up.

    But it does mean ‘God’s friend’ or ‘divine friend’ (Source-Nameberry)

  38. Matt Grandis says:

    Robin, Amy said she couldn’t have children because of the things the Silence did to her on Demon’s Run. That’s where River / Melody was born. And Amy and Rory didn’t get to raise their daughter — I don’t think that was what Rory had in mind when he wanted children. So to me, it all does make a lot of sense.

    All in all, I too did love the episode. And the Oswin mystery has gotten me really excited for the future. There’s been hints that she might die in the christmas specials as well, so Moffat might not have been exagerating when he said Jenna-Louise Coleman will be a companion like none before. Maybe the Doctor will meet several different “regenerations” of her in several different eras. I already like her a lot. Makes it a little bit easier knowing that we have to say goodbye to Amy and Rory soon.

    Lastly, I really liked how Moffat reinforced that the big question of the coming anniversary will be: “Doctor WHO?”

  39. Kyleclutch says:

    I enjoyed this episode. And another fantastic review.

  40. Kyleclutch says:

    I enjoyed this episode. And another fantastic review. I like your theory.

  41. Adam says:

    Yes they have a daughter, but they didn’t raise her has parents, they grew up with her as kids.

    Also, I like that we kind of instantly see the marriage problems come out of nowhere. Kind of think it makes us see things more form the doctors perspective.

  42. Daniel says:

    I liked the episode but didn’t think it was fantastic. Can’t explain completely but some elements didn’t quite gel for me.

    As for Amy losing her wristband for a bit, my immediate suspicion is that her being affected by the nanobots will somehow come into play in the Angels episode coming up later this season.

  43. Here’s the special weapons Dalek as featured in Asylum of the Daleks:

    I don’t think I loved this as much as you did. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun with it, but for me, Moffat’s bag of tricks are starting to get a little stale. This episode could have been called “Moffat’s Greatest Hits”.

    Also, does Moffat realize there are other types of women than overconfident, adventurous, and flirty? Because according to Madame Du Pompadour, Sally Sparrow, River Song, Amy Pond, Liz 10, and now Oswin Oswald it doesn’t seem that he does. They all have different names and different actresses playing them, but they’re all a little too similar to me. I was hoping for something new from Moffat, but alas, Oswin was just more of the same.

  44. John Van Dventer says:

    Robin, She said she can’t have children after the events on Demon’s Run, which means after River. Since River was taken from them at birth, Rory and Amy did not get to raise her, and will never be able to raise a child of their creation again.

  45. Warren Frey says:

    Special Weapons Dalek was in there…he was skulking around near the back in the group of Daleks who get blown up once the Doctor puts the Dalek into reverse.

    Though to your point I found the lighting in the Asylum, while beautiful, painted every Dalek in a golden hue so it was tough to distinguish the old school guys from the RTD era Daleks.

  46. mechas8n says:

    I would love it is Oswin were the next companion! She just Survives the destruction of the asylum in her current form and the Doctor has to get a disabled ramp fitted in the Tardis!

  47. ian says:

    i might be the only one, but this episode didn’t really do it for me.

  48. Robin Burks says:

    The entire Amy/Rory conflict felt so contrived to me, especially when Amy broke down and told Rory she couldn’t give him children. Apparently, they completely forgot that they had a daughter named River Song. That really confused me, unless, of course, we’re now living in a universe where River Song was never born. And I wouldn’t put Steven Moffat past that.

    I loved the twist with Oswin, though, and the “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” bit the Doctor did (in a nod to the 10th). The rest of the episode was pretty stellar, too, and a solid start to the new season.

    I’ll be posting my own review of the episode tomorrow.