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Artist Creates Ikea Instructions for Monsters

Artist Creates Ikea Instructions for Monsters

How do you… Pinhead? Ever want concise, no-hassle instructions on how to become (or make) your favorite horror movie monster?

Worry no more – artist Ed Harrington has you covered with these simply, easy-to-follow Ikea instructions for monsters. Featuring Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees, Pinhead (Hellraiser), the Brudlefly (The Fly), Edward Scissorhands, and The Human Centipede, Harrington distills these pop culture figures of horror and dread down to their quick-assemble essence.

I’m not sure what the scalpel is for with the Pinhead instructions. Is it for the little skin flaps around his chest area? Or the lines linking the nails in his head? The Brundlefly is spot-on, though technically, yeah, that last image kind of happened, giving us the forgettable The Fly 2.

I’d ask “where’s Freddy” but yeah, his origin might be a little too dark and I’m not sure what the instructional image is for “creepy child killer.” Ditto Michael Meyers because “ultimate evil” is hard to draw.

The only image I have trouble with is the one with Jason and it’s for incredibly dorkly horror fan grounds. You see, it wasn’t until Friday the 13th 3D that Jason started rocking the hockey mask; before that he wore a burlap sack, and before that, it was mama Vorhees wreaking havoc and cutting out guts at Camp Crystal Lake.

Harrington created the comic The HR Department, which features single-panel pop culture mashups (basketball-playing Wolverine, Freddy, and Edward Scissorhands might be the best).

[Source: Ed Harrington via Xombiedirge]


  1. Zack says:

    Ed’s work is fantastic! I’ve been following him for a while now on Instagram and he always brings the funny.

  2. Thanks for the write-up! You can also see my latest Ikea Insteuction at and on Instagram @nothinghappenedtoday