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Art Snob: Odd City’s Pacific Rim

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One of the biggest movie events this summer is going to be master filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro’s “monster vs. robot” movie, Pacific Rim, and to celebrate the release, Odd City– a new limited edition screen print company located in one of the meccas of geek art, Austin, Texas- has teamed up with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures to release a series of limited edition posters designed by some of the hottest artists in the biz.

To start, on July 2nd, the company will be releasing the first in its line of Pacific Rim posters, designed by renowned Polish artist Gabz. Odd City founder Roman Morales said:

“From the moment we discussed this project, Gabz was a part of it. He had already done a piece for us that we had yet to release, and working with him was so easy. He had the ability to see the big picture, no pun intended. From just a single teaser, he was able to capture the spirit of a film that was already stirring all of our film geek sensibilities. I couldn’t see this series without him.”

Here’s a peek at the astoundingly cool poster Gabz dreamed up.

final_REGULAR_prevThe standard poster is 24X36 and is in an edition of 225.

final_VARIANT_prevThe variant poster is an edition of 80.

pacific_rim_regular_METALAnd finally, the metal variant comes in a edition of 55 pieces.

Keep tuned to and follow @OddCityNews for information on poster drops and to check out the rest of the series, featuring work from such artists as Todd Slater, Gordon Jones and Graham Erwin.

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