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Art Snob: (More) Odd City Pac Rim

ART SNOB LOGOPacific Rim is now out in theaters (and is my favorite movie of the year and probably the last few years), but that doesn’t mean the “Pac Rim” (I’m a cool kid) fun is ending anytime soon. As previously coveredOdd City Entertainment, a startup poster company out of Austin, has been releasing a series of limited edition, highly collectable posters (in conjunction with Legendary Entertainment), and with the line about to wrap up, here’s a peek at their final poster by Todd Slater!

Todd Slater - Regular

24 X 36: The hand-numbered and signed regular edition is in a set of 175 prints

Todd Slater - Variant (Foil)

And the special metallic variant edition comes from a series of 75 posters. (also hand numbered and signed by the artist)

Here’s a handy gallery for ALL the Odd City/Pac Rim awesomeness. And remember, you can win one for yourself via our exclusive “Jaeger Designer contest”!

Remember to follow Odd City on Twitter, because judging by the quality and success of this poster series, I’m sure this won’t be the last we’ll be hearing about them.

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