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Art Snob: Mondo’s Ducktales


What can I say about the following posters other than, I want them all and kind of feel bad for posting about them, as it will lessen my chance at actually scoring one. Alas, I am cursed to be a nice guy.

Mondo. Ducktales. Double Sigh.

duck 1

Ducktales by JJ Harrison, 24 x 36, edition of 240, $50


Scrooge by DKNG, 18 X 24, edition of 190, $40


Scrooge by DKNG, variant edition, 18 X 24, edition of 100, $65


Nephews by Anne Benjamin, 18 X 24, edition of 160, $45


Magica De Spell by Phantom City Creative, 18 X 24, edition of 140, $5


Magica De Spell by Phantom City Creative, Variant edition, 18 X 24, edition of 75, $65

These beauties will be released on August 28th, at a random time during the day, via the @MondoNews Twitter account… you know the deal by now.


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  1. Karl Barx says:

    …makes me both happy and sad to see the great Carl Barks creations live on this way

    Certainly makes me sad to not see his name in this article…

  2. michaelalexkawa says:

    I love Duck Tails and these posters are some awesome art . I love them all ,if I could I would get them all ,but I am no Scrooge McDuck .

  3. Kristoffer says:

    Scrooge McDuck is one of the best ducks.