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Art Snob: A Visit with Frank Kozik


A few months back, I got the chance to chat with one of my art idols, Frank Kozik. Needless to say, I could have talked to the man for hours and was left hungry for more Kozik-brand awesomeness.

Luckily, Anna Newman has got my back.

For your viewing pleasure, check out Anna’s interview with Frank, at his San Francisco studio:

Here, Anna tells us how this very cool video came to life, and about her love of the legend that is Frank…

“I took my crew to Frank Kozik’s San Francisco studio and filmed Frank making one of his hand-cast art toys. Frank taught me how he turned his passion for art into a career and why he thinks art school is a waste of money. 

“Frank is the rare artist who makes a good living, but doesn’t let commercial bullshit get in the way of his work. He’s in it to win it, but only if his fans win, too. I hope young artists take some of Frank’s advice to heart and enjoy seeing his process and studio set up.”


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Additional Reporting by Anna Newman