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Art!: Jessica Harrison’s Macabre Visions

Heather, by Jessica Harrison

You love brains and entrails.

You love Victorian ladies.

You have issues, but at least Jessica Harrison understands.  And that’s why she’s created these lovely figurines of proper Victorian ladies with their brains exposed, throats cut, heads detached, and entrails lovingly displayed.  There’s a nice, handy display of the relevant pieces at

I’m kinda of two minds on this — They’re extremely well done, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable displaying these in the living room, myself, what with the violent theme and all, plus I’m not big on exposed internal organs and slashed throats.  But that’s just me.  The detail and the juxtaposition of blood ‘n’ guts with the demure and proper is striking, though, and it’s all part of a body of work that includes several pieces in a macabre mode.

Jessica is a product of the University of Edinburgh and she’s presently displaying her stone work — not the zombie victims — in a group show, “UK Young Artists,” at the University of Derby through December 18th.  You can see more of her work, including all the Victorian figurines, here, and a review with more photos of other creations here.



  1. Pinky says:

    This stuff sort of reminds me of Ugly Shyla’s creepy dolls it’s sort of in the same vein,get it VEIN har har!

  2. tingleguts says:

    Great lead. Thanks.

  3. todd says:

    This is why I love the Nerdist! Thank You.