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Arsenio Pits Siri Against Cortana

Arsenio Pits Siri Against Cortana

The biggest question arising from this bit on Monday night’s episode of The Arsenio Hall Show is whether Jen Taylor reprised her role as the Halo A.I.

So the whole thing is kind of weird/funny in a tech-jokes-for-non-techies kind of way, with Cortana (who’s now the voice of Windows Phones) and Siri (still not clear that I want to listen to Dramarama, not Bananarama) in direct competition in the smartphone marketplace. While Siri wins in the “actually finding information” category, Cortana wins for sass. Lots of sass.

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. chriszewski says:

    Just need a Bishop or Data for Android devices and the trifecta will be complete.