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ARROW Casting: An Ex For Felicity and Trouble With a SUPERNATURAL Cupid

ARROW Casting: An Ex For Felicity and Trouble With a SUPERNATURAL Cupid

It looks like Arrow will be struck by Cupid’s bow in season three, as a Supernatural regular heads over to the CW series.

Amy Gumenick, who played Sam and Dean’s mom in flashbacks on Supernatural, will be joining the series as Cupid (real name: Carrie Cutter). According to Entertainment Weekly, she’s an obsessive fan of The Arrow created by showrunner Andrew Kreisberg during his stint on the Green Arrow/Black Canary comic for DC.

In the current DCU continuity, Cutter is a medically-enhanced special ops soldier whose sanity starts to fray as her career goes south. After Ollie kills what he thinks is her abusive husband, the woman who would be Cupid comes to believe that Green Arrow is her savior and gets addicted to his (non-existent) love. There are some rough edges there (I hope we learn more about her beyond “crazy girl is crazy for Ollie”), but she might present an interesting foil for the archer this season.

Cupid will make her first appearance in the sixth and seventh episodes of season three.

But wait, there’s more romantic drama: Glee actor Nolan Funk will be joining the cast for episode five, “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, his character, Cooper Seldon, will be Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) ex from her MIT days, although it’s unclear whether his role will take place in the present or in flashbacks.

The actress teased his appearance in a tweet yesterday:


Arrow returns for season three on October 7.

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  2. I see Cooper Seldon, and all I can think is Sheldon Cooper