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Arnold, Animated

Take some markers, some color highlighters, some Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, and some beats, put ’em together, and maybe you’ll get this:

The Schwarzenegger Trilogy is a video created by the Brainbowinc design team for display at the Standard Hotel in downtown L.A., and it involves clips you’ll recognize from several movies, all hand-drawn with splashes of color from highlighters. It’s good enough to make you almost forget Arnold’s stay in Sacramento and his more recent travails. Almost.

HT: BuzzFeed


  1. Claude Gaudette says:

    @Chris: I’ll try not to use my formidable influence to make you watch it again, but it’s hard to have that kind of power and not use it.

  2. Chris says:

    @Claude, I didn’t notice that, and while I enjoyed the video, dont make me watch the whole thing again.

  3. Thank YOU, Jim!

    Claude, the explosions come from several movies, I believe. Arnold is the unifying theme, but there appear to be shots from other movies. Any explosion, however, is a welcome one, in this form. (Real life, not so much)

  4. Claude Gaudette says:

    At least one of those shots was not from a Schwarzenegger movie. I’m pretty sure I recognized the shot of Bruce Willis leaping away from the rooftop explosion in Die Hard. And did I just see OddJob? Anybody spot any others, Or am I off base here?

  5. jim says:

    thanks Perry!