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Are You Ready To Delve Into The Mind Of Rob Schrab?

Rob Schrab, creator of Scud the Disposable Assassin, Monster House, and The Sarah Silverman Program, has a book coming out, and it’s time to party.

“..But I Can’t Do Anything Else!” is a collection of concept art from Schrab’s many sci-fi, horror, and animation projects that never saw the light of day, and it is being honored with a comedy show featuring some of the hottest standups in the universe and some of Rob’s favorite short videos and robots.

Come see Harris Wittels, Eric Acosta, Steve Agee, creator of Community Dan Harmon, Kumail Nanjiani, and perhaps a special surprise guest or two tear it up in honor of Rob Schrab!

Get your tickets now, or buy the book from us and get into the show for free! Amazing deal!

Need further convincing? Watch this.