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Are You Havin’ a LARP?

What kind of nerd culture repository would the Nerdist Channel on YouTube be if there wasn’t a look at live-action role playing?  Realm of LARP is a series looking at LARPers in action, and it debuts June 18th.  This is the trailer.  Make sure you click here and subscribe to the Nerdist Channel so you don’t miss the debut while you’re running around in the woods wielding suitably realistic yet inoperable weapons.


  1. Larping says:

    Finally, a larp show that is going to production. The last 6 months has been promise after promise of larp shows going into production, but we’ve seen nothing.

    We’re hoping Realm of Larp is hilarious!

  2. Jeff Diewald says:

    If you’re only looking at live-combat fantasy LARPs, you’re only looking at a narrow part of LARPing. It’s a very diverse community that takes on different genres and approaches to role-playing. Take a look at Intercon, for example. This year’s New England con ( had more than fifty different one shot LARPs of all different sizes, shapes, and genres. Science fiction, historical drama, steampunk, horror, Batman, and yes, even some fantasy, all in one place. I’m too much of a klutzy menace with a padded weapon, so I’d much rather face a trial in front of Judge Roy Bean in a Western LARP, or face the Vorpal Bunny as Arthur in a comedic musical LARP, or raise questions of what it means to be human in a Universe-spanning science fiction LARP. There’s a lot more to LARP than just medieval fantasy.