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Arcade Fire Nails the BEVERLY HILLS COP Theme Song Live

Arcade Fire Nails the BEVERLY HILLS COP Theme Song Live

I always thought “Axel F” was one of the dorkiest/greatest thing to come out of the 80’s. Harold Faltermeyer’s 1985 instrumental theme for Beverly Hills Cop is a crazy mess of synth and drum machines and at some point, someone thought this would be the perfect music to pair with semi-serious, semi-goofy star Eddie Murphy.

And I love it.

Apparently, so does Arcade Fire, who covered the track during a recent concert, using their guitars, bongos, and – is that cowbell? We hope so. Now that they have a Blondie cover and a classic 1980s film theme song under their belts, what do you think their next cover will be? It definitely feels like they’ve successfully transitioned from Disco to New Wave with these covers, but I am  hopeful that they’ll take a quick detour down Loggins Lane and give the world the “Danger Zone” cover it so desperately needs.

A fan documented the cover onstage during their August 1 show in Los Angeles during their Reflektor Tour. After about two minutes of playing the throwback theme song, Arcade Fire transitioned into “Normal Person” and, to no one’s surprise, brought down the house.

Listen to  Arcade Fire’s cover of “Axel F” below:

And here’s the 1985 original:

So which one did it better? I still have to give the edge to Mr. Faltermeyer. Arcade Fire, if you guys are reading–please cover “Danger Zone”!

[Source: Pitchfork]


  1. Josh says:

    The King of the Hill version with lyrics is actuall the best one…

  2. Billy says:

    Also a little touch of the Top Gun theme right in the transition