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Another “Oblivion” Trailer, In Which Tom Cruise Wears A Yankee Cap

Here’s yet another trailer, released today, for Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman in Oblivion, and it doesn’t add a lot to what we’ve already seen, save a short introductory portion in which Cruise, as drone maintenance man Jack Harper, is reclining and shooting hoops and enjoying solitude when he’s called to action and the stuff we’ve seen — Earth in ruin, the mysterious Morgan Freeman, action — kicks in. So it’s a little Matrix-y, with a dash of Wall-E ruined-Earth thrown in. Plus, Tom Cruise in a Yankee cap, which might be enough to get me rooting for the aliens.

It opens April 19th. We knew that, too.


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  2. CJ says:

    You know? I dig Joseph Kosinski’s work, so I will see OBLIVION for that reason …. Yes, I would’ve preferred someone else besides Tom Cruise in the main role, but I guess the film makers needed a high profile actor in order to get this film green lit with Universal Studios …. I’m hoping this film gets a nice reprint of the graphic novel Oblivion (which Kosinski co-wrote with Arvid Nelson) from Radical Comics!