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Animated YOUNG JUSTICE Arrives On Netflix Streaming

Good news for fans of the beloved-yet-cancelled Young Justice series, formerly on Cartoon Network; it is now finally available in streaming format on Netflix. Several Warner Brothers-produced DC animated material has made its way onto Netflix streaming in the past few years, including the entire Justice League/Justice League Unlimited series from Bruce Timm, Batman Beyond, Batman: Brave and the Bold, and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Right now only the first seasons of Young Justice and Green Lantern are available via streaming, although I expect the second (and sadly, final) seasons of both shows to follow along in due time.

Despite making a big noise with the debut of the “DC Nation” block of animated shows based on DC Comics properties, most of the shows were pulled off the schedule unceremoniously for months on end, with new episodes randomly leaked out months apart, leaving fans bewildered. Even the usually invulnerable Batman franchise isn’t immune; his most recent series Beware the Batman was also recently pulled off the air rather suddenly, possibly never to return. Only the very-young skewing Teen Titans Go! series is currently still scheduled, leading many to wonder if Cartoon Network has totally given up on DC properties aimed at slightly older kids and that can be enjoyed by everyone. With the success of a Clone Wars on Netflix, could we start seeing new content based on DC comics series debuting there? I know a LOT of fans out there would love to see new seasons of Young Justice, or a continuation of the Bruce Timm-Paul Dini DC Animated Universe, and it’s not looking like those will ever happen on Cartoon Network. Fingers crossed, DC fans.


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  1. Lil Dizzily says:

    I think that they should Bring injustice back on i just finished young justice on Netflix and I was disappointed that young justice season ended 

  2. ali says:

    Young jucstice! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ali says:

    i 🙂  young jucstice 

  4. Mia says:

    DC should allow a season 1.5 that explores the characters growth with their mentors. They should also do a direct to video movie that has some of the plot of the video game. Many of us who have found this series via netflix are not gamers. Theyshould also do a season 3 and follow the apokolips story arch.

  5. John says:

    I need season two on Netflix now! I’ve run out of seasons to watch all day and all night binging on pizza and soda with no human contact for days I miss it so much

  6. it’s been 6 months and season to still hasn’t been added on netflix. It fucken hurts.

  7. please make a season 3 i fell in love with that show and  when i found out that there was no season 3 i was seriously crying please get it i’m begging  u

  8. Kara says:

    haha yeah i hope they make a season 3 

  9. Vickey says:

    Yea see all thees letters just put it back on the air we all love it please 

  10. Terrance says:

    Please just start the new season of YJ on netflix it isn’t fair I really loved that Shit

  11. connor says:

    when is season 2?

  12. Where is season two? says:

    When is season 2 of young justice coming on netflix????  

  13. Enrique says:

    So when are you guys are put season 2 and 3 in netflix

  14. Lem says:

    When is season two coming to net flix

  15. jannet says:

    I swear I can’t wait for season 2 ugh n also cuz season one left me hanging they also kissed an I’m like yay an now the clone of super boy was stolen an red arrow was a clone an speedy is in a little box thingy an he doesn’t even  arm ugh netflix hurry up 

  16. Sean says:

    Watched young Justice as it aired live, watched the first season on netflix, and got the season 2 DVD’S I CAN NOT tell you how much I love this show, ( 20 years old btw ) and would be ecstatic if nerflix picked this up. BRING BACK YOUNG JUSTICE! 

  17. Sarah says:

    Come on! Add a new season to young justice. The last episode left me hanging! ADD SOME MORE SEASONS!

    • TELEMIKUS says:

      YES YES MORE MORE. iTunes has both seasons. LOVE THEM, ALL OF THEM. bring them back. hurry.

  18. unknown says:

    i don’t see a point of having NETFLiX if they don’t have the BEST show in the WORLD!!!

    NETFLIX isn’t that great if they DON’T have the 2nd season of the BEST show in the WORLD!!!

  19. unknown says:

    this sucks not having young justice Season 2 on or season 3 on netflix

    i’v just watched the entire season 1 AGAIN and i’m starting to watch it again. this is getting out of control they should have young justice season 2 and 3 on netflix!!! the first season came out in 2010 and they haven’t got the next season on netflix!!? if i could i would sue them!!!

  20. ANIDEA says:

    Perhaps, if we petition or for a whole day turn away from the CN channel as an opposition to bring back Young Jusitce?

  21. MD says:

    I’m a 37yrd old man, married with 5 kids. I don’t remember when was the last time I got interested in a cartoon series; I don’t think I ever did, but if I did it was never like the hooked I was with young justice. This cartoon is something else. I was watching it on Netflix not knowing that it was just one season on it. You can imagine my disapointment when I finished the episode 26th. Even more that now I learned that there is just two seasons, and they end the show. I never felt so motivated to protest somethin like now.

  22. says:




  24. Kittychi75 says:

    I was REALLY digging Young Justice! I loved the storyline! I was watching it all on Netflix over the past few days, and me and my husband SAW that they had BOTH season up on Netflix! Get to the end of season 1…and season 2’s GONE! ARRGGGG! It’s like they made a mistake and said, ‘Oops, we weren’t trying to release the 2nd season just yet!’ and Promptly yanked it! 🙁

    • unknown says:

      they had season 2 on netflix? its taken way to long for them to put the 2nd season on!

      i feel like suein’ them!!!

      i can’t BUY eps on amazon not worth it! yet still gosh darn worth it!!!

      • TELEMIKUS says:

        I agree, it was the best show EVER. and they screwed with it so bad. BUT you can still buy it off of iTunes. BOTH SEASONS. I have them both. Netflix would BLOW UP IF THEY COULD BRING BACK YOUNG JUSTICE. I don’t think they could handle the traffic. that would be amazingly insanely schweet.

  25. Tyler Adams says:

    I like this show if u get rid of it many will be devastated so I don’t know how to word this but don’t give up on the tv series of Young Justice please I am begging u. I bet more than one half of the World has watched and has taken an intrest in watching this show I just wish I use more for wording and more proof but im a little challenged but please don’t get rid of it. Just please think about it.

  26. Ivan(hoe) says:

    I’ve read somewhere that one of the creators was told why Young Justice was canceled. It was because too many girls were watching it, and girls unlike boys don’t buy action figures based on the cartoon. So there’s no profit from the toy line.

  27. elohim says:

    this is the best dc show on the planet . no

  28. Urvy says:

    At least they won’t have to deal with Dragons. That show killed YJ because Dragons toys didn’t have any human characters, and Dragons targets the demographic CN was seeking,

  29. Marc says:

    if they were to continue the Young Justice series on Netflix, WB would make a killing based on streamrate payouts for their shows. it was the most popular WB cartoon in years and got yanked because it was more popular with everybody except the demographic that Cartoon Network wasn’t targeting.

  30. iw2ma says:

    Young Justice, IMO, is the best NA animated series ever produced, comic based or otherwise.
    Cartoon Networks ignorance of the audience and dismissal of the DC Nation block, and any semiserious show for that matter, is depressing.
    This show above all shows needs to be renewed and continued, otherwise there is no justice.