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Angry Birds Space, In Space

Angry Birds Space is due to be released March 22nd. How better to promote it than… from space? Rovio’s released this video with astronaut Don Pettit up in the International Space Station goofing around explaining the physics of the game in the appropriate gravity-unfettered environment, using a plush Red Bird and a green balloon representing a pig.

Now, if only we could go up there and play the game like that instead of on your cell phone….

HT: Ina Fried at All Things D


  1. MelloMelli says:

    That is going to be so AWESOME

  2. Three toes of fury says:

    “open the pod bay door HAL!”.

    “Im sorry..i cant do that Dave…I know you are planning on replacing me with a slingshot and some multiplying birds and im afraid i just cant let that happen…perhaps you should take a stress egg and relax”

  3. Three toes of fury says:

    “ground control to major tom, the sound of squaking’s going on, can you hear me major tom…can you hear me major tom?”

    “..planet earth is blue and im sitting in bird-poo….”

  4. Three Toes of Fury says:

    In Space, No One Can Hear You Oink.

    thank you! thank you! be sure to tip your waitstaff!