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Andy Richter Controls Skyrim

Did you know Andy Richter did voice work for Skyrim? Oh, sure, others have taken all the credit, but once you’ve heard this clip from Conan, you’ll see that Andy provided that special sound that takes the game to a whole ‘nother level. Like anyone else could get that “OH MY GOD! HOLY (BLEEP) A DRAGON!” line quite so perfect.


  1. TimelordS says:

    Aw man, I so wish that this was longer! I hope they do more of this.

  2. DeeBee says:

    Very nice title too! Was ‘Andy Richter Controls the Skyrim Universe’ too long? :)

  3. TheDemko says:

    OK, the guy sitting in the pub, waiting to be served made me literally LOL! And the mystical crab was also pretty good.

  4. Dangalf says:

    Seems legit