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Andy Holton’s #StopMotionSaturdays Videos are Super Freaking Cool

Andy Holton’s #StopMotionSaturdays Videos are Super Freaking Cool

Fifteen seconds — what can a person do with only 15 seconds of video? Well, a heck of a lot if you’re Andy Holton. The Hulu video editor and photographer’s Instagram account is chockablock with cool videos guaranteed to douse you with creative envy. Perhaps the most impressive of all, though, is his #StopMotionSaturdays video series, wherein Holton and his friends and family create truly impressive vignettes filled with the sort of clever kookery you may have previously imagined impossible on an app service.

But Holton is no run-of-the-mill artistic type, and the shorts are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Like with this adorable crustaceous adventure co-created by Holton and his niece Alyse — easily giving him the title of Coolest Uncle Ever:

Here he is getting into the Christmas Spirit with the help of an Elf on a Shelf or two:

Raising the question of whether or not he has a future video editor on his hands is another video done with his niece, this time featuring a boat on the beach:

There’s even a Valentine’s Day video made special for today, guaranteed to give you a toothache (in a good way):

And bonus Fun fact: did you know Holton just so happened to lend his myriad talents to the editing of the Animal Fighting Championships video? It’s true. Kudos to him for using his super powers for good!


  1. Brenda says:

    Nice work, Andy!!

  2. Bob Flax says:

    Those videos were great. Love Animal Battles. Can’t wait to see more.