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And Now: The Boys of PITCH PERFECT 2 Sing a Patriotic Ditty Because AMERICA

And Now: The Boys of PITCH PERFECT 2 Sing a Patriotic Ditty Because AMERICA

♫♪ AAAAMERIIIIIICA, Ameeeeeerica! ♫♪ Oh, sorry: do you not enjoy our singing-via-blog-post? We’ll have you know that, like these wee lads from Pitch Perfect 2, we have quite the singing voice. It’s a thing of beauty, really (woops our modesty is showing). If it’s not translating for you on the page well then that’s on you. Thankfully for any of you that need your “America the Beautiful” fix, allow Skylar Astin and Ben Platt to do it for you.

Their voices are so melodious and in sync it’ll transform you into a bald eagle, soaring about a Rocky Mountain-framed sky with a single tear streaming from your eye, your talon clenched in a tiny fist as your whisper-chant USA! USA! USA! At the same time, those red, white, and blue stars and bars come into view before exploding into a litany of apple pies and baseball bats that then turn into a flurry of fireworks, raining down on a totally jacked President Barack Obama, parachuting off Mount Rushmore while drinking a Mountain Dew.

But don’t just take our word for it, watch the video — via the film’s director, Elizabeth Bank’s Facebook profile — and bask in the glory of this patriotic mini-moment before you all head out to your neighborhood barbecue.

USA! USA! USA! USA! Happy 4th of July, America. And particularly to you reading this.

Looking forward to Pitch Perfect 2? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I was truly surprised that PP has become a household favorite…….I no longer have to set fires to feel joy, Thank you Pitch Perfect! 

  2. twitter_SweetGeekling says:

    Damn it.  I had things to do.  But now I have to go watch Pitch Perfect again…