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And Now For The Story of Percy Julian As Told by DRUNK HISTORY

And Now For The Story of Percy Julian As Told by DRUNK HISTORY

Comedy Central’s Drunk History, your favorite intoxicated history course, is almost back in session. Derek Waters‘ creation quickly became a hit web series on Funny or Die and it wasn’t before too long that it became a hit TV series. Go figure that incredibly drunk people trying to accurately recount a historical event along with reenactments that are perfectly lip-synced to the drunk “historian” would make for damn hilarious television.

Tuesday, July 1st, will be the day that you need to clear out your schedule, specifically for 10PM, to watch the premiere of Drunk History season 2. There is still a considerable amount of time between now and that fateful Tuesday. It would be foolish to, in the spirit of the show, go on a bender until the season premiere. However, you can get in the mood for this latest run of Drunk History with a story just released from season 2.

Veteran drunk historian, comedian and writer Allan McLeod, hits the bottle again to tell the story of oft-forgotten scientist Percy Julian. Julian was a pioneer in a number of fields, discovering and innovating almost as much as any scientist that’s a household name. He was also doing his research and work in a time where his dark complexion wasn’t so welcome in many institutions of higher education. Waters joins with McLeod in trying to get through Julian’s amazing story as well as trying to pronounce “opportunities” correctly. The always amazing Jordan Peele from Key & Peele plays Julian and, given the way McLeod tells the story, is a much more demonstrably badass version of Julian.

What stories do you want to see drunkenly told on this season of Drunk History? Let us know in the comments below.